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The Kolkata Buzz is proud to interview Hunde squad k9, which is an emerging platform in Kolkata, with a blend of innovation

1. Say us more about the commencement of the company.

– I was working with an MNC giant in the IT sector, before and studying to get into govt. sector. But somewhere, I was not feeling satisfied professionally. At around the same time, I was facing struggle finding a good trainer for my dog. Most of the people I got in touch with, were either very harsh in their methods or were just veterinary assistants and learnt handling on the go, or, were just learning from the internet and calling themselves a professional trainer.

I wondered why can’t I take this up since I have always been around dogs from childhood and loved them. So, I quit my job.

And I went to Mumbai in January 2017, got certified as professional dog trainer and behaviour consultant. After that, I came back & launched Hunde Squad K9s in February 2017. It’s my baby.

2. What are the importance of your brand management and how do you standstill it?

It’s pretty simple. I have kept the focus intact: Dogs. Everything revolves around them.
I am dominant on my USP – pet training and behaviour modification especially aggression management. Because that is what I like to do best and that is what Hunde Squad K9 is well known for, now.

The reason why I kept going solo behind Hunde Squad K9s initially, was that I wanted to keep the professionalism- from educating the pet parents about the psyche of the dog, using positive & non abusive methods in training, to educating against myths and realities of canine behaviour, to give them what they are seeking, to making it mandatory for pet parents to be around during training session, intact.

It’s common for trainers to focus only on the dog. However, 95% of a dog’s success lies with the – dog’s owner/ dog parent. I focus on them. A dog will adjust himself .

You will be surprised to know so many current lot of top professionals in the city now follow our standard practices. It makes me feel proud and glad as a brand, because the dogs are winning in the end!

3. What are some of your favorite marketing campaigns?
Word Of Mouth – people liked the work and that’s how Hunde Squad K9s has worked and expanded in the last 2 years, although we do have a presence on almost all social media and digital platforms.

4. How do you stay updated about the latest trends?
– Reading research articles, books, video subscriptions, attending seminars as well as workshops by top dog trainers from abroad etc. As a dog trainer, I believe it is critical to stay updated and put resources to learn the latest in modern training as it keeps evolving.

5. What are the biggest challenges that your company faces in the market?
There are quite a few of them. Like,

– Getting a pet parent involved in the training process. It’s a common belief that once you have paid for the training, you do not have to work with the dog at all. And that the dog will take all their commands or the dog will not behave aggressively, without any practice.
Dogs need regular repetitions from everyone in the household. That’s how they form consistent habits.

– A belief that a dog will get trained, behaviour issues will get sorted or will stop getting aggressive, overnight.
Dog trainers are not magicians and dogs are not wish fairies. Training and rehabilitation takes time. In certain cases, it’s a lifetime process.

– Getting dog owners to treat the dog as a dog, and not as a human baby. A dog doesn’t hold fancy dog parties, dog fashion shows, expensive cushions and toys in high regards. The struggle to clear the perception between what they need and what owners think they need, is massive.
Dogs need work. Give one to them and they will forever be grateful to you.

– Another very big challenge is the belief that dogs don’t need training and that all they need is love. Almost every aggression related case that I get to work upon, has involved a dog who was brought up on that philosophy.

An unruly dog or worse, an aggressive dog, is not quite a pleasant experience to have around in public or at home.
Start training your dog the day you bring him home because a trained dog gets to go everywhere!

– There is a lack of dignity of labor. Many people expect me to do the training for cheap. Sometimes, getting payment on time is a challenge. At times, people have downrated my services just because I had asked for the payment.
There have been instances where people start cozying up to you just to get free consultations or even free training. It can get exhausting keeping such people away.

6. What was the motive while starting the company?

Well, it provided me with a perfect avenue to merge my passion of dogs, teaching, speaking to people and in the process, making a livelihood out of it. Sometimes, I pinch myself because I am able to go after my dreams ,not money.

My motive has been pretty clear . I look forward to spread education among the pet owners as much as possible. If you think about it, it is actually a mammoth task. Kolkata has literally lakhs of pets.
So, Hunde Squad K9s can and continues to help create skilled professionals in this industry.

Whether it’s about training the dog for house manners, protection training for vulnerable individuals or establishments , or any behaviour related issues including aggression, I have got it all covered.

7. Any wisdoms that you wish to share about the company?
– It feels amazing to be recognized for the work and getting all the attention for it. I have trained with Arnold Kivago (World Champion), top trainers from India and abroad in field of pet as well as competitive obedience, protection work, behaviour modification and rehabilitation.

I have been quoted and featured in couple of mainstream media like Ei Somoy etc.

And, I have also conducted private workshops and seminars in basic obedience training, dog handling, crèche management etc.

I hope to do more good work in the coming years and maintain the consistent high standards.

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