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No Drama is a Kolkata based apparel brand, which brings in an array of variants, which are capable of making your wardrobe even more beautiful.

Interviewing this brand, we got an insight about the complete sketch of the company-

1. Say us more about the commencement of the company

We are probably the rarest company on earth which sells apparels,
accessories & merchandise strictly & exclusively on a monochromatic
base. You read that right! We use only Black & White base for each &
everything we sell.
There is already so much chaos in the outside world & the real struggle
of the life is to take the right decision at the right time. The more
you surf, the more difficult the choice gets.
On the brainstorming phase we desperately wanted to evolve as a niche
brand which is beyond cheesy taglines.We are a brand for the class & for
the few who understands sober clothing.

2. What are the importance of your brand management and how do you
standstill it?

The entire ideology of NO DRAMA is to be an upmarket ambassador for
Monochrome clothing.There is so much of anything & everything in apparel
market and its somewhere surprisingly pleasant that how consumers are
welcoming new & bold fashion trends.NO DRAMA wants to deliver to that
segment of consumers who appreciates BLACK & WHITE merchandises.For a
matter of fact we are the first & only company in INDIA to be selling
stuffs exclusively in B&W base.We understand that we have cut down an
entire chunk of customer base from our system who prefer colored fabrics
yet we want to dedicate our-self to the minority of all who celebrates
monochrome.The bottom line being BLACK & WHITE is never out of fashion.

3.what are some of your favorite marketing campaigns.

Talking about fashion sector I really liked how MYNTRA came up with the
exchange of old clothes campaign.That created a crazy stir among the
consumers at large.Marketing wise i appreciate how
celebrates its collaboration with Yash Raj Films.NO DRAMA believes in
ATL & BTL marketing with same faith.We have collaborated with various
nation Artists from different genres which reaches the mass directly.

4. How do you stay updated about the latest trends?

There is so much of inspiration for fashion in the normal life.We
interpret designs or texts from the day to day hustle with or around
us.The only fact is,our designs are comparatively less cheesy than what
you get everywhere.We have some super t-shirts with quotes stating
IDGAF,FIGHT LIKE A GIRL,ANTI-YOU,6IX & many many more.We understand that
there is this fetish for gold in Indian consumers & keeping that in mind
we have designed some classiest BLACK & GOLD t-shirts as well.

5. What are the biggest challenges that your company faces in the

Its not too difficult to estimate that launching with only B&W clothing
is itself is a major task.By doing this you are directly moving onn
without lot of fans for colors.But somewhere in the initial process you
have to be real strict about your target customers.We respect people
with all of their choices.But BLACK & WHITE can never go wrong.

6. What was the motive while starting the company?

Frankly,we at no drama would not be really attracted to an individual
wearing a fluorescent green or a candy pink.We encourage
sharp clothing & take pride in that as well.While coming up with the
idea we realized that there is almost nothing or minimal for the choices
made on Sober Clothing in the online segment.BANG!And then we exactly
knew what we were doing.

7. Any wisdoms that you wish to share about the company?

As mentioned,NO DRAMA believes in sober clothing entirely.We really like
how today’s generation has been sporting different & vivid fashion with
such confidence.We want every individual to prized with apparels of
their choice.Any purchase can be impulsive but not clothes.For them who
are mad over B&W,we got lot in store for you and many more are lined up.

We wish them with best wishes in their upcoming journey. As they claim themselves to be ” Kolkata’s own child”, so all the Kolkata people let’s inspire them to make us even more proud.

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