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Rooftop Restaurants in Kolkata- Must visit places

If you appreciate a beautiful view or a cozy area to enjoy a delectable spread of cuisine, alfresco dining may be just what the doctor ordered. Let’s get started with our list of the best rooftop restaurants in Kolkata for a memorable dining experience. These restaurants are based on a variety of qualities, including food, ambiance, and scenery, as well as service and various budgets. 

Blue and Beyond: Blue and Beyond is a great place to go for a great lunch with a great view. The atmosphere is relaxed, and there is a good crowd, all while looking out over Kolkata’s magnificent and chaotic horizon. It is a rooftop restaurant is located near New Market Area. Sitting high above some of Kolkata’s most venerable structures, from the Victoria Memorial to the Monument itself, you may enjoy a stunning view and a pleasant ambiance while dining here. The sizzlers and kebabs, in particular, are very popular. Aside from the alfresco setting, there is also an inside seating area for those who want to remain inside or in the event of rain or cold.

The Wise Owl Steakhouse: Wise owl is located near Hindustan Park, in the heart of one of Kolkata’s busiest neighborhoods. Although there is a cafe on the ground floor, the steakhouse is located on the roof. The winter sun and the moderate wind on the terrace provide a fantastic environment to have a meal at this rooftop restaurant, which is also one of the greatest brunch venues in Kolkata during the winter season. This restaurant should be on your to-visit list if you want a superb steak and a relaxing ambiance where the focus is on the cuisine and company rather than the opulence or elegance of the establishment. Their menu offers a variety of cuisines; however, there is more choice for continental and international cuisines.

Ozora: This establishment is beautifully tucked away from the frenzy that we associate with Kolkata, on the 20th level of the Acropolis mall in Kolkata at Kasba. The restaurant is recognized for its spacious interiors, rooftop sky deck, and eclectic menu with a wide choice of alternatives. A luxury boardroom, intimate private dining places, a big event area, and a stunning poolside setting are just some of the seating options. There are numerous reasons to choose this rooftop restaurant, including the island bar, sundeck, heady cocktails, and delectable meals. Dates, cocktail parties, and simply a cozy meal with friends and family are all possible here. 

If you’re looking for open-air restaurants in Kolkata, you’re in luck because there are plenty to choose from.

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