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~An Undisputed And Unconditional Declaration Of Love Through Flowers~

It’s almost Valentine’s Day — that time of year when you let your loved ones know just how much they mean to you. Whether you’re in a relationship or happily single, fluent in the love language of gifting or trying to find something for the person you just started seeing, gifting flowers for Valentine’s Day is like a tradition. It’s a way of pronouncing your love or showing gratitude for the friends and special people in your life.

There’s really nothing much like experiencing the fragrance, blush and freshness that comes with flowers. Gifting a flower especially is a token unlike any other. They’re delicate, versatile and ethereal – the perfect fit for someone you hold very close.

Interflora, an artisanal flower brand has curated a premium range of bouquets of fresh blossoms that satiate the expression of celebrating life’s most important sentiments in the most genuine way. Timeless and elegant, with connotations of extravagance and luxury, Interflora flowers are an embodiment of beauty and elegance. The collection features varied heart symbols along with trim of laces and ribbons as a representation of the early Saint Valentine’s Day cards. The range has been concocted in a manner, so that everyone has the convenience to convey their feelings earnestly.

Collection highlights:

  • Large Size Boxes
  • Love Envelope
  • Fortune Cookies
  • White Gardenia Candle
  • Love Balloons, Cookies, Homemade Dark Chocolates
  • New Interflora Chocolate Bars

–     Acrylic Box

Treat your special one to a timeless petal-perfect present with these gorgeous assortments, available in a wide colour palette. Experience an entirely new and beautiful way to gift! Share your love with a Valentine’s Day Bunch…


Established in 1923, Interflora is the world’s largest and most trusted flower delivery network of Floral Designers across more than 100 countries. Launched in India on Oct 2017, they are here to revolutionise the floral landscape of luxury gifting and decor. They work directly with some of the biggest farms across India, Europe, South America & Africa, to bring to you the freshest and the most exotic blooms.

Interflora Offerings:

  • Luxury Floral Gifts Through User Friendly Interface (Online)
  • Interflora Weddings – Floral Décor Services For Weddings And Events; Design, Sourcing And Execution
  • Interflora Gifting Solutions– Bespoke & Bulk Gifting Solutions For Brand And HNI


For further information please visit:


Instagram- @interfloraindia

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