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The Concept of Desi Dhabas along the highways. – Must visit places

When you are traveling by road, taking a halt near the highway side restaurant, popularly known as Dhaba, is a must. The food of the Dhaba has a different taste, unlike the other luxurious restaurants. Dhabas feature regional cuisine and are mostly found along roads where they serve as truck stops. Dhabas have their own allure and allure when compared to five-star eateries. Dhabas never fail to wow us with their simple décor and rustic cuisine. Regardless of the season, the Dhaba-style food was cooked in such a way that it could be preserved for a long time without rotting. This aided in the development of Dhaba-style cooking, which included the use of additional oil, fresh ingredients, and the art of slow cooking for hours.

Azad Hind Dhaba – Azad Hind Dhaba had its branches all over Bengal. But the famous one is located near Gopalpur, NH-2, West Bengal. Azad Hind Dhaba on NH2 is especially popular for morning rides and a planned meal. You’ll only see passers-by stopping here for food, so they should hire staff in the morning hours because the early hour attracts bikers. The restaurant’s famous breakfast menu includes Chai, Aloo Poori, and Masala Omelette. While the aloo poori tasted great, the Masala Omelette cost us Rs.65/- and consisted of a double omelet with four tomato slices on top and a sprinkle of chilly spice. The tea was mediocre.

Sher e Panjab – Located near the highways of Kolaghat, West Bengal. One of the best places to get a delicious supper. The venue might get crowded at times, so you may have to wait a while to get a seat; nevertheless, the wait is well worth it. The main attractions include attractive decorations and a photography location, as well as an outside eating space and bar. The cuisine is absolutely good and, according to taste, a little pricey. 

Highway Junction Restaurant – Located near the Salap NH-6, Bombay Road, Howrah. The restaurant serves amazingly delicious food at a very reasonable price. This is a restaurant as well as a Punjabi dhaba. Indian and Chinese cuisine was on the menu. However, they do not provide Biriyani regularly. The inside sitting area is adequate. They also have a television inside. It’s also air-conditioned. Tables and chairs are not ultra-luxurious, but they are clean and well-kept. The finest part was the meal. Taste-wise, everything we ordered was excellent. A special mention goes to Chicken Tikka Butter Masala.

If you are planning for a road trip, try out these dhabas, they are fantabulous.

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