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Kolkata Famous Startup: My Canvas Talk Stands With Heds- Health Ecodefence Society To Support Difficult Situations In The Covid Time Crisis Of Bengal

My Canvas Talk” is the first stage-based talk show from the “City of Joy”, Kolkata. This is mainly
a platform where people from different perspectives of life share their journey as a speech. In a
short period of time, My Canvas Talk is gaining popularity among the audiences in Kolkata as
well as in different parts of the nation. My Canvas Talk invites people from various corners of
life, from celebrity actors to singers to social activists to popular entrepreneurs. My Canvas Talk
does not only focuses on curating talk shows but also focus on various social issues, My
Canvas Talk is the first stage based talk company in the world to plant one tree from every one
thousand views received from their youtube channel, and also in the pandemic time, they
started a donation drive for the Covid-19 relief fund. This company was created by two friends
from Kolkata. Rahul Basak and Amit Das started their entrepreneurial journey a few years back
and in a short period of time, they earned their popularity in the ecosystem. My Canvas Talk is
their second company incorporated as My Canvas Talk Private Limited.

Kolkata suffered like the rest of the world from the Covid-19 situation. But, as many believe
entrepreneurs have the power to uplift the situation, they do participate to do their best to uplift
the situation. And the example shown by the co-founders of My Canvas Talk is remarkable, they
organized the donation drive, and the greatest part is, not only the loyal followers of My Canvas
Talk but also people from so many different countries came forward to support them. Which is a
remarkable example of building a community.
The entire amount was donated to the famous organization “HEDS- Health & Ecodefence
Society” which will be used to help the people who are in need of medical support in this

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