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Medieval Cinema Halls in Kolkata

Since the turn of the century, cinema has been one of the most popular types of entertainment in Kolkata, India, and movie theatres. Movie theatres are another popular entertainment option in the city. Kolkata’s ancient movie theatres are a part of the city’s history and define the glory days of cinema. The fact that Kolkata is home to the world’s first cinema hall is quite remarkable. There is no denying that the city has a genuine passion for movies. People out here continue to demonstrate their crazy for cinema by seeing movies in movie theatres. Over the years, the number of movie theatres has expanded, with all types of halls and ticket prices. With the introduction of new technology, it has gradually diminished. These theatre houses, which were once gorgeous and used to be packed with moviegoers, are now in a completely different situation. Only a few have been rehabilitated for present usage, while the majority remain in a state of ruin. Among the city’s very old ones, here is a couple to mention:

Chaplin Cinema: It is a great honor to introduce a movie theatre that is not only the city’s oldest but also the country’s first. Yes, the Elphinstone Picture Palace in Chowringhee, also known as the Chaplin Cinema, was India’s first full-fledged operational theatre. It was established in the year 1907 by Jamshedji Ramji Madan. Residents of Kolkata will remember the building in the new market area that symbolized and represented the city’s passion for film. 

Globe Cinema: The Globe was recognized for showing all of the city’s English films. It was originally recognized as one of the few theatres in India that showed English films at the time. This cinema supplied amusement to soldiers stationed in Kolkata during World War II, a fact that has gone unmentioned and forgotten. This cinema has beautiful architecture and was recently converted into a shopping complex with multiplex with two theatres.

Star Theatre: The Star Theatre was one of the most well-known Bengali cinema halls. It was one of the first of its sort in the city, ushering in a cultural revolution. Furthermore, the location served as a forum for debate on a variety of subjects that required national attention, and so played a vital role in Kolkata’s history. The best part is that the movie shows in this cinema hall continue to run. 

These old movie theatres in Kolkata are fighting the ravages of time and bear witness to the glory of the past. There is no shortage of cinema lovers in the city who like nothing more than to see a fantastic movie! This is why there are so many movie theatres in our city.

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