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Not a blue blooded Prince

Distinguished as a promising actor, Judhajit Sarkar never fails to leave an indelible imprint on the minds of the viewers, critics and film connoisseurs with his intense performances and portrayal of a myraid of characters. Without coming from a limelight background, Judhajit has made his mark in the film industry in a short span of time by working with independent film makers. Within few years he has worked with Hoichoi and has amassed a significant fan following whom he was baffled with his performances in

Rahasya Romancha Series, Charitraheen,Shob Choritro, Indu , Tasher Ghor , Byadh , Damayanti and Dracula sir.

However, things were not handed to him on a platter- he had to quit his job before entering the film industry. With sheer willpower and instinct, Judhajit has proved that nothing is impossible.  The proof of Judhajit’s hardwork and dedication is evident in his wide range of work in the celluloid world. Charitaheen has rightfully earned him a lot of praises and attention. His recent work in Bou keno Psycho, Uraan , Gora has earned him a lot of love. He is currently working on his upcoming film and there are talks of its release in OTT.

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