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Red FM announces, ‘Poila Baithak’, celebration of Boishakh, Gurudev Tagore & Baul

Baishakh or Boishakh in Bengal’s life and space is the reciprocation of new year, joy, merrymaking & of course Gurudev Tagore. 93.5 RED FM, India’s leading private radio and entertainment network has announced ‘PoilaBoithak’ to celebrate the rich & eternal relation of Bengali New year with Rabindranath Tagore & Baul. The event aims to celebrate the soul of Bengal with the freedom and spontaneity of the mystical verse and music alongside promoting a few street bauls to the larger audience. 

A celebration of Boishakh is incomplete without the salutation of Gurudev Tagore. Not many would know that Tagore himself admitted that he was deeply influenced by Baul songs and philosophy while delivering his Hibbert Lecture, the annual series of non-sectarian lectures on theological issues organisedby Hibbert Trust, at the Oxford University in 1930. Tagore was deeply moved by the lyrical beauty and tune of Baul songs. The spiritual romanticism of Baul philosophy influenced Tagore so deeply that he went as far as calling himself Rabindra Baul. Later, he even played the role of a blind baul in his play Phalguni. There are about two hundred Tagore songs written & composed in Baul style like Bhenge Mor Ghorer Chabi, Aakash Theke Khoslo Tara, Amar Mon Jokhon Jagli Na re, Ami kaanPete Roi, Pran Chay Chokshu Na Chai, Megher Kole Rod Aseche to name a few. 

Poila Baithak’s celebration will be hosted by Kolkata’s beloved RJ Nilam on 30th April, 2022 at Kund Area, City Centre-1. The event will explore various types of Baul music, including authentic and modern with minimalistic instruments and rock band versions. Along with this, there will be special performances by Madol artists, bringing in the festive mood as a reminder of the fresh start. 


There will be a wonderful line-up of Baul artists, such as KartikDas Baul, Tirtha Bhattacharya, Folk Diaryz, Poushali Banerjee, and Fakira to multiply the liveliness of the event. With food stalls curated by famous culinary brands and memorabilia to carry back home, Poila Boithak will be nothing short of extraordinary. 


Speaking on the announcement, Nisha Narayanan, Director & COO, RED FM, and Magic FM, mentioned, “The Baul culture of music is distinctive, with a syncretic philosophy of life and with Poila Boithak, we are aiming to elevate just that. Our vision with the musical event is twofold – we intend to celebrate the mesmerising music and the folk artists from Santiniketan whose art forms and sustenance have taken a leap in the last two years. We are featuring an incredible artist lineup and wonderful baulmusic that keeps on inspiring. With Poila Boithak we are promising a celebration of vivacity that the Bengali New Year is all about.”

The events start at 4:30 PM and is free for all to attend.

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