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The Silent struggle of a young Entrepreneur: Sayan & Samik Gupta Founder “Cha Wala”

The covid pandemic forced many of us to tread paths, which we never thought of treading before. People started taking risks and exploiting the slightest opportunity that they got in the face of extremely fragile economic conditions. The brother duo of Samik and Sayan from West Bengal were also engulfed in the same depressing socio-economic conditions during the lockdown.

Samik was teaching Geography in a private school and Sayan was still in his final year of graduation. Sayan always dreamt of doing MBA from a reputed college after completing his BCom, but the financial distress imposed by the nationwide lockdown shattered his dream of a prosperous future. Samik decided to fulfill his brother’s dream, but the situation was not convivial. They asked for financial help from friends, families, and everyone else that they could have asked, but no ray of hope shone upon them.

In December 2021, Sayan and Samik decided to start a small tea shop and in 2022, these two brothers broke the perennial stereotypes of our society when Sayan finally inaugurated the first fusion tea café at Kanchrapara, named ‘Chawala’. Within the first few days of the inauguration of the café, “Cha Wala” became an instant hit with tea lovers owing to the exceptional hospitability of the management of the café and the rich, dreamy flavor of the tea that they served. Not only tea, but ‘Chawala’ also serves sumptuous breakfasts, exciting snacks, and refreshing summer coolers.

Once in dire need of financial help, Sayan now proudly recruits needy people in his café, especially those who lost their jobs during the pandemic. In the last six months, Sayan has served tea lovers of various cities across West Bengal. Tea has always been an emotion with the people of Bengal and ‘Chawala’ has acted as the outlet for nurturing that emotion in a more refined way. Very soon, ‘Chawala’ will see another opening at Chakdaha after successfully opening a branch at Krishnanagar.

The path-breaking grit shown by Sayan can serve as a great morale booster for every budding, young entrepreneur out there. Just grab a cup of tea at ‘Chawala’ and brainstorm your next business venture.

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