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Chandrabali is the most humble product we meet and live with every day

Chandrabali is the most humble product we meet and live with every day. Shramana Gupta was elated when she discovered her keen interest in the world of fashion. Her self-discovery happened in the world of fashion when she started taking interest in fashion magazines which started looking like a signal. Even after spending two years in the corporate world, her passion never abated. Thus fighting many personal odds, Chandrabali was born.

The brand Chandrabali

is a fresh design house that centres on creating a range of attire with a blend of chic and contemporaneity. Chandrabali crafted inspirations pay attention to details and the designs add elegance, boldness and grace.  What makes it more appealing is the design patterns which the owner adapts from her daily life. She likes to mix and match and play with colours adding her own unique style and therefore making it stand out in the crowd.

Chandrabali is the maker of simple and humble designs using our very own and known fabrics to make our souls sing with joy. The artisans from Kolkata create raw and uninhibited designs using their traditional techniques. Chandrabali talks to tradition and births its creation.

Chandrabali products are just a token of representation of the numerous souls who have touched the fabric. They aspire to keep the undying spirit of artistry alive.

How unique are we :

That incomprehensible thing that sets ‘Ghar ka khana’  apart from even the top chefs of the world, that makes a girl to fall in love with her passion. The same kind of passion that Chandrabali has for each of its products. This can be witnessed when you wear its product because it is dipped in love and affection.

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