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From a small-town girl with single mother to budding model,The journey of Sanchita Baidya

Making one’s place in the film industry is a dream for many but only few have the talent and luck to favor them. The career is a fancy one and involves a lot of efforts and sacrifices that not all are willing to make.

Yet Sanchita Baidya from Kestopur, has everything that it takes to be the next debut actress. The dreamy-eyed girl in her early 20’s is elegantly beautiful with a great screen presence that has started to gain traction in the Kolkata Film and Television industry.

Yet the journey to the capital hasn’t been an easy one for her.

Baidya was raised single handedly by her mother in a small town of West Bengal. This created a lot of challenges for her mum who had to take the helm of the household and take care of her two children (Sanchita and her little sister) all alone, living in a somewhat traditional environment. But she did not stop her from following her dreams.

Ever since Sanchita was a child, she would love to dress up and her mum will let her express herself. And soon, she decided to become a model and may be gradually an actress in the film industry.

“My mum is my greatest support. She has never let me feel low or hindered me. It is because of her that I could have the courage to step out and try and make my name,” says Sanchita.

Having completed her basic education, Baidya set out to chase her goals in the City of Joy. After a couple of trial and errors, she tried to find a good agency who can properly train her for her gig.

That’s when she came across ‘The Capture’. The talent management company picked Baidya instantly for she truly had the charisma. But what was needed next is sharpening the diamond.

So, they started grooming her through classes that involved acting, photoshoots, gymming, etc that provided her an overall development to be industry-ready. She has shown tremendous progress and is now complete diva which in turn landed her into a professional shoot with Neel Bhattacharya in JW Marriot recently.

“The Capture has helped me in lot many ways than I can possibly express. I am really thankful for the way they have taught me things that are aiding me in my progress,” she says.

This is just the beginning of her journey and she is bettering herself every single day eyeing the silver screen.

“The ultimate thing for me is to be a part of the Bengali film industry and I am really hoping to make it,” she concludes.

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