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Men in Saree are the new Men in Black – Kolkata-based ethnic wear brand UMMAIRA smashes stereotypes with its suave male models elevating sarees to a gender-neutral status

Be it any occasion, the bong woman is rarely seen without her six yards of pure elegance. However, men have also ditched their stereotypical image in favour of a more edgy persona. The new generation of fashionable men is smashing gender stereotypes and challenging the conventional ideas of masculinity by donning lustrous drapes.

The rapid, widespread embracing of apparel that transgresses gender barriers has been one of the major narrative lines in the previous several years. People are more expressive in their clothing choices in modern times. Fashion weeks, runways and designer collections have featured quirky, unconventional and experimental ways of men wearing sarees.

Being a brand with a strong social conscience, Ummaira’s exclusive collection is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of sartorial experiments. Having showcased multiple collections, Ummaira continues to be relevant, innovative, and interesting in whatever they do and has established a niche for itself, being at the forefront of gender inclusivity. The brand, as one of the most distinctive ethnic wear labels in the fashion world, is elevating sarees to a gender-neutral for Gen Zs.

Things that we propose are as follows:

● Models Pritam Ghoshal and Amit Jain have created quite a buzz with their looks in a stunning

photoshoot featuring Ummaira’s collection of exclusive sarees. By bringing into light the latest shoot, we’ll help people gain knowledge about how diverse the saree is and how men can wear it in a variety of ways yetlook ‘masculine’.

● By bringing to light the event, we’ll, in turn, be able to attract potential like-minded people and reach the mass.

● By making the announcement, we’ll be able to generate customer awareness and engagement about Ummaira’s latest collection of exclusive sarees that will benefit the brand at large.

● By bringing it to the attention of the public, the brand will be able to convey a message to its customers that clothes are meant to be enjoyed, experimented with and played with. When the barriers are removed, the arena can be expanded in which customers can explore and express themselves in any way they want, outside of the rigid constraints of gender stereotypes.

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