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Depression Turned A College Girl To A Successful Entrepreneur- Feelpretty Looking Through Priyanka Sarmacharjee’s Eyes

(Interview with Priyanka by Team The Kolkata Buzz )

The bravest thing I have ever done is to live the life, which I wanted to end.

Hi, my name is Priyanka Sarmacharjee an MBA student turned into a celebrity makeup artist and an entrepreneur. I am the founder & CEO of FeelPretty & own a made-in-India makeup line named ‘p’ by FeelPretty. I won The Best Makeup Artist and Young Entrepreneur of the year 2020 by ACE business awards.

Now let’s talk about my story

I belong to a very small town of Assam named Karimganj but settled in Bangalore for the past few years. I have never been a studious person, always been an average student after my primary schooling ha ha  ha. But I always wanted to do something big, never wanted to do a 9-5 seating job & to have my own company, but I belong to a middle-class family and they wanted me to study hard to acquire a greatly paid job and settle down, so I have been sent to Bangalore to study further and establish myself, but here the table turns and the story of pathetic life begins.

Priyanka Sarmacharjee

When I decided to study interior designing in Kolkata my parents were fine with it but I had a boyfriend whom I always introduced as my best friend had an issue with it but he cleverly made us understand that there is not much scope in Assam for an interior designer so I opted for studying in Ms. Ramaiah college Bangalore.  The day I reached Bangalore was probably 1 of the best day of my life as I was going a step ahead towards my dream but this turned into a nightmare as soon as my father returned from Bangalore to Assam. My boyfriend started treating me as his possession, he tried to convince me for taking the relationship to the next step, but being a small-town girl I had few obligations and my boundaries which did not allow me to agree to him, that’s where all the problems start. He tried forcing me, he used to beat me, lock me in my flat sometimes, he used to take money from me, he used to blackmail me, this mental and physical torture traumatized me so much that I went into depression and couldn’t concentrate on my studies result, I failed in 3 subjects of my first semester B.Com. I was so scared to tell anything to anyone as my father is very strict and he told me in the first place the only thing that matters to my parents is their reputation so I shouldn’t be doing anything which may affect it. I was quiet, had no other option left than suffering all alone, so I decided to work on my dream, and maybe someday when I am established I can come out of this mess which I am responsible for. At the age of 18 started practicing makeup to fulfill the hunger for a peaceful life, and when I turned 19 I started working as a freelance makeup artist. Time passed gained some reputation as a makeup artist & I completed my when I was 20 I bought a car for my convenience to travel alone for work, which this guy couldn’t take and started acting in front of everyone as he bought the Car ha ha ha so weird. Anyway, at the age of 21, my income was so huge due to my skills maybe, that I thought it was the right time to start my startup ‘FeelPretty’, he had an inferiority complex and a lot of doubts about how I earn so much in such less time, even he considered me to be a “call girl’’ or so that I had to prove showing my brides picture every time I go for work, it was not only toxic it was hurting my self-respect. I decided to come out of this, I started seeking help from my friends but when he realized he started calling my parents being my best friend and used to say rubbish about me and he used to blackmail me saying he will tell about the relationship to my father even to everyone possible, I got scared but I knew my personal life cant hamper my professional life, so somehow I managed to continue my study and work together. I knew he used to cheat on me for a very long time but this is the first time I could gather proof as the girl was from my native town, based on that broke-up, & this guy turned out to be a monster and tried forcing me to get physical when I denied he cheated on me with differ girls and even stared blackmailing me as he will commit suicide and he will write my name on a note. I used to be scared & depressed, under treatment but I was very determined with my work, my dream, and my motto, but everything failed 1 fine night when the level of torture crossed its limits and that guy came drunk to my flat and started banging on my door I didn’t open and he broke the glass of my window got inside the door hit me tied my hands back as I broke up, this night I tried committing suicide to get rid of all the problems then suddenly my phone rang it was my mother, so I recalled my parents face and reminded myself I am the one who created the mess so I should clear it rather leaving my parents alone to deal with it.

 I developed anxiety issues, eating disorders and had to undergo surgery at the end of 2019 in my native, I was in death bed, because of my anxiety issue, I faced breathing problems and almost died my boyfriend was partying on the same day in Bangalore, my friends came to know and witnessed his deeds, so I started searching for proof again and I found out he was dating few tinder date, when I confronted him overcall he denied but this time I was way too much determined to come out of this so I returned to Bangalore with my father, even after blackmailing me, threatening me, and tried forcing me, still I could gather the guts to tell everything to my parents just because of a friend who came into my rescue, luckily after so much my hard work and patients paid off and I have my own brand which is available in few of India’s biggest marketplace & a service company which runs all over India. I work with some celebrities of Bollywood and Tollywood too & I have some plan to expand into color cosmetics & my services international. But my life and struggle both are very much interrelated thus I came into a controversy regarding creating a serried of Muslim, Christian, Hindu looks and sharing some humanity related quotes, the controversy turned into a communal issue, media started coving and I became a topic everywhere in the state and then I came to know my ex-boyfriend is spreading so many rumors and lies about me using my name & fame to play the victim card, that’s when I realized I should tell my story to the world because it is not only affecting my personal life but also my professional life. May 1000’s of other girls’ are suffering something of that sort and can’t raise the voice for family’s Reputation.

I believe, we are humans and we make mistakes, sometimes we realize very late but not impossible to replenish. I managed to come out of my fear for my determination and the mentioned friend who came to my rescue and achieved success, so maybe I can be a voice for many, or maybe my story will aware someone else and save her life.

Now my news is covered by many national media but I had a time when no one came forward to help or listen to my problems. There were many sleepless nights trying to hold my breath heavy-hearted just to overcome my depression.

All I regret is having a permanent damage in my life is I lost my teenage in depression.

Here, my story ends with a note that it’s easy to die-hard to live but never too late to come out of depression and work towards a beautiful life.

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