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Gyaansutra: how 21 years old, Shweta das made her debut into the world of entrepreneurship

2020 was a tough year and its effects are still haunting us. The common man had never faced such a blow on their life, jobs, healthcare, and education, every possible field has faced a drastic change in their operations which has led people to change for good, in this ‘not so good phase.

That’s when the founder of GyaanSutra, Shweta Das realized it’s time to do something for the students and more importantly for society.

GyaanSutra provides affordable online LIVE sessions to students of class 1-Bachelors level. GyaanSutra aims at reaching students at super economical packages, to make sure that education remains uninterrupted.

Founded at the age of 20, Shweta Das says that she was a determined yet shy student in her school days but her life changed when she bagged two Entrepreneurship Awards back-to-back in the year 2019, and there was no turning back ever since.

Shweta Das

” GyaanSutra wasn’t a pre-planned idea, even the name randomly popped into my mind just a day before it got officially launched. Gyaan – Knowledge, Sutra – Principles, Hence, GyaanSutra means The Principles of Knowledge.”, Shweta Das says.

Women are often underestimated, are often not considered for dynamic fields like business, but Shweta had something else in her mind. She wanted to inspire other females to push up their limits, to make their terms, and not to confine with the already defined rules.

At the age of 20, when youths are often confused with their career decisions, Shweta Das started exploring different fields to find her perfect fit. She says, ” Having friends from a different community, age groups and ideologies has helped me to widen my vision and exposure. I’ve never moved out of Jamshedpur alone, but my want to reach the masses has brought me to the current stage of my life.”

Currently, she’s residing in Jamshedpur, completing her graduation from Women’s College and also pursuing Company Secretary from ICSI. She says that education is the need of the hour and a country can only progress when proper educational facilities are available at economical prices, bridging the gap between a tutor and a student. Hence, GyaanSutra is progressing towards the very need to make sure there’s a smooth flow of teaching and learning.

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