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Meet Author Virat Vilas Pawar who introduces you to the Indian version of werewolves, vampires, wizards through his Sci-Fi Superhero novels

We have been reading about Vampires, werewolves, witches since our childhood, also have been watching them in Hollywood movies and series but it is very rare to find these characters in Indian entertainment. Virat, who is a Criminal Lawyer by day, is also a Scifi Author by night. After publishing his first novel ‘Heroes of Wars’ (2019) a Sci-fi version of Mahabharat, Virat Vilas Pawar has come up with another Sci-Fi superhero novel – ‘Vidyadhara & The Universe of Magic’ 

Virat, while talking about his new novel, he said “I want to give Indian audience everything they enjoy in Marvel/ DC movies but with a desi vibe. Our ancient history is rich and a lot of Sci-fi content can be created from it”  

(Author Virat Vilas Pawar)

Vidyadhara & The Universe of Magic is not just about vampires, werewolves, and witches but also Indian Mythological Characters, these beings hold great importance in Indian ancient history and are regarded as powerful as gods. 

Shubhadeep Roy
Shiladitya Bose

Virat teamed up with a duo from Kolkata Shiladitya Bose & Shubhdeep Roy (Doodlenerve) and decided to give shape to his imagination. The amazing duo has done a fantastic job in illustrating the characters, giving the readers a visual treat. 

“I want my readers to imagine the characters while reading it and what them to see what I see and hence this extra effort to illustrate every single character from the novel.” Says Virat, when asked about the reason behind including over 2 dozen illustrations in the novel. The novel not only has character illustrations but also has the key fight scenes that take place in the story, it’s just like reading a comic book. 

This novel is published by VirArt Studios and is the first project by the Art House followed by many more. “VirArt Studios is something I wanted to do for many years. It is solely formed to create an Indian Sci-Fi Superhero Universe and with the goal to give opportunities to Indian artists and bring their talent on the screen”, says Virat when asked about VirArt Studios and the future plans.

Vidyadhara & The Universe of Magic takes you to the modern world, where magic, wizards, magical creatures exist. A story that revolves around two Vidyadhara, one wants to exploit the magical creatures and rule the world and would do anything to fulfill his ambition. , while the other one wants to stop him from doing so and maintain peace with the help of his allies – Humans and Magical beings.

You can grab a copy from Amazon :

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