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Rahul Basak, The man who never gave up

Kolkata, the majestic metropolis also referred to as The City of Joy. We all know about the city’s tradition, culture, infrastructure, but we barely know about the hidden gems of Kolkata, the people who have contributed enormously to the prosperity of this metropolitan giant. Mr. Rahul Basak is one such gem, who made a difference with his business mind, assisted by his artistic nature.

Rahul Basak is the serial entrepreneur, Co-founder, and CEO of “Amar Canvas”. Co-founder and Chief Editor of “My Canvas Talk”. He’s also the founder and host of the international podcast “PEP talks with Rahul” and the founder of “Learning with Rahul”. From a very young age, he is inclined towards
art and always wanted to be an artist.

He started his career as an engineer. But his love for his passion made him successful. Though he failed his 12th standard, he never regarded that failure as an obstacle. He did Polytechnic and after that he pursued Engineering. When he was pursuing, he visited Hongkong, for vacation, where he attended The International Hongkong Film Festival and he met some amazing artists. From there, he started to think about commencing a new platform for all artists. The next day he came to Kolkata and spoke to one of his close friends, Amit Das and after that, they started “Amar Canvas” in 2018. This is the platform for artists who want to sell their artworks globally and reach out to the people with their work. In 2019, “Amar Canvas” won the title of “Best social impact startup”.

Before visiting Hong Kong, Rahul was a documentary photographer. Eventually, he emerged as a successful entrepreneur too, along with his passion for documentary photography.

He goes on to prove that failures are just the stairs to success. He gives out this message to the youth that even if you fail, you can still succeed if you have the urge to succeed. So after “Amar Canvas”, he started his second company, which is named “My Canvas Talk”. where successful and renowned people share their stories to motivate people and provide mental strength.
He always wanted to capture the stories of people who have achieved something by their hard work and dedication, because he believes that real and true stories attract more people than a created story. The main reason to start this platform is to motivate and inspire. And now, in India, “My Canvas Talk” is one of the fastest-growing talk shows.

He is a nationally recognized documentary photographer. So he started working on this and he is recently launching his book, which is based on photographs of a different phase of human psychology.

He has also featured on MTV Nescafe lab as a “wall of fame”. He also won many awards from different places of the world..and when it comes to judgment, Rahul Basak is also a popular name.
He also founded the international podcast “PEP talks with Rahul”.

He is also a renowned speaker… He got featured on TEDx(three times), Nasha Space talks, Google developers program called “DEV talks” and also many IIT programs and many more national and international platforms.

Every successful people in this world have one thing in common, they refuse to give up. Rahul Basak is no exception. “Bengalis are artistic, but they don’t understand business”, this is common blame on every Bengali. Needless to say, Rahul has proved this statement completely wrong. It’s never too late to start something new. The gift of success is awarded to only those people who are not afraid of creating a difference. Hidden gems of this city like Rahul Basak is a true inspiration to many.

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