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Best Food In Kolkata Under Rs.100

When it comes to Kolkata, well it is known for where you can find the cheapest meals. But it should be kept in mind that as I am saying it is cheap but yes, no doubt these foods are hygienic and well prepared. Moreover, the budget of the food becomes very much crucial for the students as well as for the office persons. 

I would like to write about some of those food stalls where you can find meals under just rs.100:-

Bapida’s Shop: Located near the karunamoyee bus stand. The seller’s name is Bapi da and so is the name of the shop. It is a roadside food stall that provides you with tasty steam momos, fries, and pakoras. It is a very crowded place especially during office hours, and you will find people asking for special momos.

New Mezban’s biriyani palace: Located near krishnapur main road, in kestopur. The restaurant serves you cuisines like North Indian Biriyani. You can access this restaurant by sitting at your home through zomato and swiggy.

Kusum Rolls: Located at park street, taltala. This restaurant serves you different kinds of rolls like paneer roll, cheese roll, double chicken roll, etc. They also serve super combo offers such as veg jumbo combo ( 2 veg roll, 2 paneer roll, 2 veg paneer roll), chicken jumbo combo, mutton jumbo combo, and many more. 

Kalika: Located near surya sen, college square, Kolkata. The approximate cost per person is rs 100. This fast food center serves you snack food like a fish finger, fish roll, devilled egg, chicken cutlet, and mutton cutlet. It is a very famous fast food center and a renowned vintage restaurant in Kolkata.

ShiBhuji: Located at Shakespeare sarani road, kankaria Estates, Kolkata. The approximate cost of two people is rs 100-150. The fast-food center serves you veg cheese sandwich, cheese corn sandwich, veg cheese corn sandwich, mashed potato sandwich, aloo cheese toast, and bread butter cheese toast. It is very famous for soda shikanji. And also desserts like sitafal-faluda.   

Anadi Cabin: Located near Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Esplanade, Kolkata. This is one of the oldest food fast centres in Kolkata, near about 101 years old. One will get the old, nostalgic feel inside this heritage shop. The restaurant serves you Mughlai Paratha, fish fry, fish kabiraji cutlet, chicken Kabiraji cutlet, mutton kasha, tea, cold drinks.

Some other nostalgic fast food centers are Denzong kitchen, Ralli’s, Apanjan, ZamZam, Campari, Maharani, Allen kitchen, and many more.

These are just some glimpses of Kolkata. But in reality, it has many more vintage fast food centers which still have that nostalgic old-age feeling inside it.

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