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Best street foods to try when in Kolkata

If you’re visiting Kolkata and haven’t sampled the city’s street cuisine, you’re missing out big time! This happy city has a thriving food scene. And street food plays a significant role in this. The street cuisine meals served here are expertly prepared and have a distinct charm. It would be a lengthy and wonderful adventure to locate the greatest Kolkata street cuisine. 

Phuchka: Although golgappa, gup chup, and panipuri are available in other regions of India, the taste of Kolkata’s phuchka is unrivaled! Simply hold the puchka in one hand and eat it all at once! In your mouth, there will be a blast of flavors. Do you want to know where you can get the greatest street food in Kolkata? It’s difficult to pick just one location. So, here are a few of the greatest. Dilipda’s Phuchka at Vivekananda Market, Triangular Park’s Kiosk, Krishnakant Sharma’s booth in Vardan Market, Nankuram Gupta’s stall in Russell Street, Ram Gupta’s stand in Victoria Memorial, and Bada Phuchkawala in New Alipore.

Kachuri and Aloor Torkari: It’s time to sample some real street food, like kachuri and aloor torkari. This combination has long been a local favorite for breakfast. In the city, there are several little kiosks where you may get a dish of aloor torkari and kachuri. What’s the best method to consume it? Tear a slice of kachuri with your hand and dip it in the torkari before eating. You’ll fall in love right away! Furthermore, some street food vendors in Kolkata who sell kachuri and aloor torkari also sell hot jilipi (or you may know it as jalebi). Give it a go!

Momos: This is the one dish that can sift through all of your meals for the day. Momos are an excellent choice for breakfast, lunch, an evening snack, or dinner at any time of day. These buns are the greatest solution to all your hunger problems since they are made with minced meat or vegetables, filled in flour dough, and then steamed. It’s also available in fried and pan-fried versions. Momos, in whichever shape you consume them, will melt in your mouth and make you want more!

Kathi Rolls: Kolkata and kathi rolls are inextricably linked! If you haven’t had kathi rolls in Kolkata, you must do so immediately! Because Kolkata Kathi Rolls aren’t like the others. They’re crafted with care and come in a size that’ll fill your stomach. These Kathi Rolls, made of flaky paratha folded up with meat, veggies, spices, and sauces, will keep you coming back for more.

 Kolkata has everything on exhibit for you, from fish rolls to chicken rolls to mutton rolls! Just like the various locations to witness in Kolkata, there are several foods to taste equally.

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