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Eternal Love : Biriyani

Felt love is in the air when I got a whiff of appetizing lucknowi chicken biryani. Ain’t no love like the love of biryani. If ever you need to brave the harsh winter cold try eating this amazing lucknowi biryani.

Well, Kolkata’s street Biriyani is also an eye-catching one. The light flavors in it satisfy our taste buds and similarly, the aromatic rice gives us the feeling of relief. 

Sounds amazing na! If you are in Kolkata, you must try this amazingly beautiful and flavourful street biriyani.

Dum biryani a classic dish of the Mughal nizam’s is an eye-catching and mouth-watering aromatic rice loved by all. We all love biryani but when it comes to preparing most of us, step back because of the tedious process.

The Dum basically refers to letting the dish breathe in its own aroma or juices to make it more delicious and fully loaded with flavors. Therefore large hundis are sealed with dough or cloth to trap the steam which then cooks the meat or rice until tender.

Some renowned Biriyani restaurants you should try before leaving Kolkata,

  • Arsalan
  • India Restaurant
  • Amina
  • Behrouz Agarwal House
  • Nawab Dum Biriyani
  • Shimla Biriyani Restaurant
  • Oudh
  • ZamZam Restaurant.

The special Biriyani sides are as follows : 

Raita:-It is basically an Indian Cuisine made with Dahi and raw-cooked vegetables such as cucumber, onion, and seldom fruits. Raita is a very popular side dish, consumed along with Biriyani. Moreover, it also helps in the digestion of the food due to the presence of Dahi in it. Though Biriyani is a very rich and spicy food, the raita as a side dish helps a lot in digestion. 

Shorba:- Shorba is a spicy gravy that is consumed along with Biriyani, and it is relished across Middle-East Asia, South and Central Asia, and North Africa. It is basically boiled meat prepared with many aromatic spices and herbs. 

Burani:- Burani raita is part of the Hyderabadi cuisine, which includes a quick recipe and is served with biriyani. It includes diluted Dahi (water-based), pudina, mint leaves, black pepper powder and then mixes it well, add more water to serve it as a beverage.

Chicken Tandoori:- Chicken tandoori is a part of the Punjabi cuisine but is still consumed with biriyani which is totally a North Indian dish. The fine leg pieces of chicken are firstly marinated on spices and then, the pieces are roasted in the tandoori oven.

Hence, Biriyani is eternal love for us. Every occasion is incomplete without the deadly combination of mutton biriyani and raita.

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