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Momo Places In Kolkata: 10 Popular Spots To Try

If there’s anything that can give Kolkata’s famous kathi rolls and phuchka a run for their money, it’s our Tibetan favorite – momos. Depending on where you are in the city, you can find momos that swing between classic and quirky, fiery, and subtle. If your dil maange momo, here’s where you should go! Here are some lists:

1) Wow Momo

Well, this place is just awesome for Momo. Wow! Momo has always been about innovative momos but there is a segment of ‘intelligentsia’ which always feels a lack of authentic momos from the franchise. These come with rich seasoned vegetables/juicy chicken and served piping hot with spicy red sauce. Products are priced at a real steal price – INR 99 for veg and INR 109 for a plate of chicken momo.

2) Denzong Kitchen

If you love momos loaded with cheese (make that lots of cheese), head to Denzong Kitchen. The most pocket-friendly outlet there is, thus a huge favorite with college-goers. The chicken fried schzewan momos are so juicy and flavourful that you will forget about ordering anything else from the menu. The momos they serve are pretty big in size and filled to the brim, so it’s quite likely that a plateful of these melt-in-mouth pillows will have you skipping a meal or two. If you love cheese then you should go to this place.

 Location:Jadavpur, Kolkata

3) MoMo I Am

They offer an excellent assortment of Tibetan and Southeast Asian dishes, with a section dedicated to our beloved momos. They have classics like the juicy steamed chicken or pork momos, and momos deep-fried or tossed in house-made sauces. Then there are the unusual numbers like the Hangover Spicy Momos, which come with a dollop of chili oil-infused mayo on a bed of mash, and the chicken mushroom cheese panko momo. Don’t miss the refreshing soup momo, a Nepalese import – served in a flavorsome broth loaded with vegetables.Don’t miss this place and have the yummy momo.

Location: Topsia,lakegarden,gariahat Kolkata

4) Tibetan Delight

Tucked in a narrow, dingy lane near Elgin Road, Tibetan delight boasts of a rather loyal clientele who keep coming back for their momos and thukpa. Choose from steamed, deep-fried, or pan-fried momos (tossed in a fiery red Schezwan sauce) with chicken, pork, or vegetable stuffing. You must try their chicken kothey momos (steamed on one side and fried on the other). There are a lot of Chinese dishes on the menu too, but the momos, with their glossy, soft casing, and deliciously seasoned stuffing are the biggest crowd puller.

Location: Elgin, Kolkata

5) Hamro Momo

Now old-timers in Kolkata would definitely know about this place, it has been there for a number of years, but very few people still know about it. Hamro Momo is home to some delectable Tibetan food. It is a paradise for all meat-lovers, especially people who love pork. Their momos are different succulent and juicy, served with their in house soup, it’s a banging plate of divine goodness. If you’re a soup-lover, this place has some delectable variety of soups too.

Location: Elgin, Kolkata

6) Momo Plaza

With a streetside Chinese feel to it, Momo Plaza at Elgin has been a college crowd hotspot for ages. Their pan-fried schezwan momos are probably the best in the city and the gravy they provide is mouthwatering. The place has a normal ambiance and the price is quite affordable. Go here with your squad for a nice, momo-filled evening. Feast on fried, deep-fried, steamed, pan-fried in chicken, pork, and vegetarian varieties. We love their chicken and pork kotheys  – flavourful, fiery, and pocket-friendly.

Location: Bhowanipur, Kolkata

7) Shim Shim

Another one from Doma Wang’s stable. Located in a lane off Park Circus, this tiny, simple eatery has major Tibetan and Himalayan vibes – a wooden and red theme running through the room with pictures of the Hills, the Dalai Lama, and more adorning the walls. With all our regular favs on the menu – thukpa, phalay, momos, chow, and fried rice – you’re sure to walk out with a happy belly. Beef appears on their menu unapologetically, and among the top picks here are piping hot beef momos – easily some of the best you will get in town.

Location: Park Circus, Kolkata

8) Mamamomo

A tiny, homey place, where an open kitchen dominates the space so you can see your momos being made from scratch. The eponymous mama behind the recipes is Pemba Doma Kidwai from Darjeeling who is rustling up authentic Tibetan and Nepalese food using her grandmother’s recipes. You’ll get chicken, pork, and veg momos in steamed, pan-fried, and ‘momo chili’ variety. The momos are bite-sized perfection — some of the best we’ve had in the city. Perfectly portioned with wafer-thin pastry and generously stuffed with a succulent filling. They also do a tender pork momo which is sinful (ask for the kothay or pan-fried variation). Another huge plus is that unlike most joints, they have eight momos to a plate. And the prices are super-affordable!

Location: New Alipore, Kolkata

9) The Blue Poppy

Blue Poppy’s plump, tender and juicy momos pack a punch of flavors and hearty goodness. Doma Wang (founder) has often been dubbed as the Momo Queen of Kolkata, and rightly so. The momos at Blue Poppy are cult stuff. You will fall in love with the perfection with which these rounded pillows are made, served with red chili and garlic chutney, delicate and bursting with flavors. Not a meat-eater? There’s the utterly comforting aloo cheese momos, a much-needed break from the regular cabbage and onion stuffing that vegetarian momos come with. If you love momo then you should visit this place.

Location: Park Street Area, Kolkata

10) Jadavpur 8B Momo stalls

Don’t forget to try Momos from Jadavpur 8b, They serve amazing momos along with big pieces of chicken in their soup.

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