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‘Start of Summer (SOS)’ Coffee Festival

Nestled in the streets of Southern Avenue, Potboiler Coffee House is a haven for book and coffee lovers and

enthusiasts. The quaint specialty coffee shop has earned quite a reputation among the city’s youth, thanks to its diverse range of coffees, a plethora of food options and an impressive collection of books.

What’s new? Well, the literary-themed specialty coffee shop has come up with an innovative idea of making coffee more accessible and less intimidating to people through their upcoming event, “Start of Summer (SOS)” Coffee Festival.

From 22nd March- 30th April, the specialty coffee shop will be hosting the “Start of Summer (SOS)” Coffee Festival at their outlet in Hindustan Park, Southern Avenue. The event will primarily promote their two mottos, i.e., ‘Coffee is just not bitter’ and ‘There is coffee for everyone’.

“As summer approaches, we wanted to provide our patrons with a wide variety of Cold Coffee Beverages to help them power through. We have been celebrating a Frappe Festival for some time now, and a recent trip to Coffee Plantations gave us a further idea of the versatility of coffee. This is why we tweaked our festival to a Start of Summer Coffee Festival, which showcases coffee in a very different form. We have drinks made with Espresso, Cold Brew, with bursts of flavours, juices, milk and so much more. Each Drink is unique in its own way, keeping in mind what we all love in the Summers“, said Sonali Lakhotia, Founder and Owner, Potboiler Coffee House.

“Coffee has always been thought of as a dehydrating drink, but it is not so black and white. Lately, we have seen different coffee trends on the internet like Dalgona Coffee and Mixing coffee with Orange Juice. These are drinks that we have been playing around with for some time. Start of Summer Coffee Festival at Potboiler is our way to welcome the summer heat with some crazy experimental cold beverages made with coffee. We came up with about 14 new drinks and finalised on 6, some developed in house, some inspired from others; all providing a very different coffee experience to our customers” said Devansh Chhinkwani, Head Of Coffee, Potboiler Coffee House.

When it comes to coffee, Potboiler Coffee House loves experimenting. In fact, their carefully crafted menu justifies the theme of the cafe, i.e., they have named their coffees and other drinks after books. In the forthcoming event, the cafe will introduce its six new drinks along with special introductory offers. Read on to know more about their new drinks!


Priced at 235/- + taxes, their latest creation Biscoff Freddo Cappuccino, is a Greek-style Iced Cappuccino with flavours of everyone’s new favourite, Biscoff.

This drink is Potboiler’s take on the classic Greek Freddo Cappuccino.

  • Iced Butterbeer Latte is for all the Potterheads in us. Priced at 225/-, Iced Butterbeer Latte is an Iced Flat White with flavours of Caramel & Cinnamon, topped with a generous amount of whipped cream.
  • Aerocano is priced at 150/-, an aerated, frothier version of an Iced Americano, Potboiler’s Nitro coffee (add Vanilla for 30/-).
  • Priced at just 200/-, Fuzzy Cold Brew is nothing but Cold Brew, Kumquat Syrup, Lime Mint and Tonic Water. As the summer heats up, this drink will help cool off.
  • SOS Cold Brew is priced at 200/- that comprises Cold Brew, Hibiscus and Citrus Syrup – tastes heavenly.
  • The Guava Burst at 210/- comprises Espresso, Guava Syrup and Asli Masaale Laal Mirch. In this drink, coffee meets guava and a dash of mirchi accentuates the flavours further.

Some special offers of the event include, Happy Hours Weekdays, Spin the Wheel and more. Besides, they are also hosting an SOS Coffee Socials night on Friday, 8th April.

What we want from you is to promote the event, as we feel that the super-cool event deserves a shout-out. We would also be cross-promoting the event keeping the sustainability factor into consideration.

Things that we propose are as follows:

  • By bringing into light the event, we’ll, in turn, be able to attract potential like-minded people that will make it a success.
  • By bringing it to the attention of the public, we will help people gain knowledge about how diverse coffee is and how it can be used in a variety of ways as an ingredient in different beverages.
  • By highlighting the services of the cafe, we’ll be able to bring forward the lesser-known areas of Potboiler Coffee House amongst its target audience.
  • By making the announcement, we’ll be able to generate customer awareness and engagement that will benefit the specialty coffee shop at large.

The Bottom Line

The event “Start of Summer (SOS)” Coffee Festival will give people a chance to explore the unexplored tastes

of coffee that they wouldn’t get anywhere else. Along with that, the event will help the specialty coffee shop showcase its all-new range of beverages and bring forward different tastes and flavours that people are unaware of.

What: “Start of Summer (SOS)” Coffee Festival

Where: P-468, Lake Terrace road Keyatala, Near Vivekananda Park, opposite of Kunbi sarees, Kolkata, West Bengal-700029

Price: 700/- for two (approx)

Timing: 11am – 9pm

Social Media Links: Facebook:


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