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The Tour of Desi Chai in Kolkata

Chai (Tea) is universal love. For all of us, a cup of refreshing tea acts like magic in our daily stressful life. Moreover, it helps in preventing diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
We take a break from work now and then to unwind with a cup of tea. Tea is a fragrant beverage to which the majority of us are attached. It allows us to unwind, rejuvenate, relieve stress, and energize our bodies. Furthermore, tea contains fluorides and tannins, which help to remove plaque, and ginger tea may help you receive relief from a sore throat. Drinking herbal tea can help you get rid of a cold quickly.
I am going to give a short tour of the famous tea shops around Kolkata, which you should try once in your lifetime;

The Tea Place by Manjushree:- The Tea Place by Manjushree is located near Hindustan Park, Gariahat, Kolkata. It is a delightful place, where the authority provides you with two types of sitting area, one is the normal cafeteria and the other one is the lounge area. The atmosphere steals the show. This location is easily found, as it is nestled in a quiet but posh lane. As the name implies, they have an incredible selection of tea. One Lemon Iced Tea and one Honey Ginger Black Tea were our choices. The latter was a pleasant surprise, as it included a timer that indicated when to pour based on our preferences. The approximate cost for two people is ₹500 only, which is very much affordable. The restaurant also serves a good variety of breakfast at very reasonable prices.

Dolly’s The Tea Shop:- Located at South Dhakuria, Gariahat, Kolkata. After a day of shopping in Dakshinapan, this is the finest spot to be. They’re known for their iced teas, which come in a variety of flavors, with lemon being the most popular. Furthermore, it is a divine delight to sit inside the shop, but if your luck is not good and you must sit outdoors, it is not as enjoyable. The approximate cost for two people is ₹400 only, which is very reasonable. They also serve a good variety of warm and cold beverages at affordable prices.

The Tea Junction:- Tea Junction first opened its doors at Salt Lake, Kolkata, in 2004. Tea Junction has expanded to over 45 locations between Kolkata and Siliguri since then, with many more planned.

Tea Junction is the largest tea retail shop in East India and a pioneer in organizing structured tea retail outlets. It’s a great spot to meet up with friends, and the food is delicious and, above all, fresh. The blueberry bubble tea, in particular, has long been a favorite of mine. In terms of taste, the other components can be greatly improved. However, the time it takes for orders to arrive must be reduced. Overall, it’s a nice area to sit and relax with your friends for a bit.
Explore these places in Kolkata and try out something new.

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