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Enchanting Road Trips from Kolkata

The delightful city of Kolkata is brimming with beautiful colonial buildings, idyllic trams, and its deliciously sinful Bengali food which is to die for, lively football and cricket matches, and also for its excellent literature. The city has many scenic and interesting sights within easy reach and can be easily accessed by car or bike. There is a road trip to satisfy every traveler’s passion, whether you prefer thrills in the forest, beaches filled with peace, or historic spots filled full of mystery. You can make some truly amazing road trips from Kolkata to some hidden gems near the city of joy and experience the unseen wonders near Kolkata on a road trip that takes you to a weekend getaway. 

Chandannagar: The quaint village of Chandannagar attracts tourists mainly because of its picturesque location and its French Colonial past. It is located on the west bank of the Hoogli River. It has an amalgamation of rich history, elegant architecture, and religious sites; Chandannagar is one of the best destinations for a weekend getaway in Kolkata. The city is also famous for its Jagadhatri Puja celebrations, as it allows visitors to admire the amazing lighting and amazing technology on the Puja Pandals and processions that are accompanied by it. It approximately takes about1 hour 35 minutes from Kolkata. The best time to visit this place is of October to February. The top attractions include Chandannagar Museum, Patal Bari, and the Sacred Heart Church.

Raichak: This coastal village situated along the banks of the river Ganga offers a tranquil and earthy atmosphere and is considered one of Kolkata’s road trips to escape the chaos and monotony of city life. For lovers of nature photography, exploring the village lifestyle, or admiring colonial buildings, Raichak is a weekend getaway to choose from. During the tour, you can taste freshly caught fish and even buy local handicrafts from here. It is around 54kms away from Kolkata. The Diamond Harbor and its lighthouse are among the main attractions here.

Sundarbans: It is widely known for its mangrove forests and incredible biodiversity, which makes it one of the best road trips around Kolkata. UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a range of unique tree species and diverse wildlife for nature lovers to enjoy. There is still the chance to see wild boars; foxes, deer, and Indian gray mongooses, even if you cannot see the Royal Bengal tiger. You can observe river dolphins most easily on a boat safari, and a stroll through local villages gives you a glimpse of how people happen to coexist with nature.

In any case, there are an extensive number of places that are suitable for road trips that cannot be covered in this blog. Kolkata has a lot of tourist destinations in and around it, which can be easily transported by people within a day or two. Apart from these above-mentioned destinations, some other off-beat places are Kurseong, Kalimpong, Santiniketan, and many more to be exact. 

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