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Author Sabrana Roy Discusses His Latest Book And Hopes To Bring Different Virtues Of Literature.

Author Sabarana Roy had a conversation with the literary team of The Kolkata Buzz on 24th May 2021. The Astounding talk, conducted under the aegis of Literia Insight and Kolkata Buzz. The discussion about the book and everything took place via video conference on Zoom.

The conversation, led by The Kolkata Buzz’s Founder Anubhav Mukherjee, discussed lesser-known facts about literature, history of it with Sabarana Rao. The discussion also covered his writing kryptonite and the inspiration behind them, his sublime cover idea, his upcoming work, and more.

Sabarna Rao being an author, is also a civil engineer by profession. He has written six books in a queue:- Pentacles, Frosted Glass, Abyss, Winter Poems, Random Subterranean Mosaic: 2012-2018, Etchings of the First Quarter of 2020, and now a masterpiece is going to hit the shelves, Fractured Mosaic.

Author Sabarna Roy discussed how he wrote his latest book and how it is nothing extra but a sequel to his book Random Subterranean Mosaic 2012-2018. It is yet another pastiche few and far between the literary world. He has already been published in several putative media houses, constantly writing in the format of a journal to resemble how the mind works in real life.
Aside from discussing his contribution to the literature, his belletristic interests, Sabarna Roy also answered when asked about choosing engineering as a profession, he said ‘ I decided not to follow in someone’s footsteps and became a writer. Engineering or any profession is for those who are passionate, passion is an intense yearning toward something. He later added that he always wanted to study English but done engineering anyway, as only two professions were followed those days:- engineering and medical.
But then he got a wake-up call and changed his path.
Sabarna Roy mentioned his interests in international television series, cinema, and music. He said, “I would recommend the streaming platform to the audience.
When he was asked to give tips and advice to aspiring writers who wish to get published, he said not to hurry. He said there is nothing to rush about as haste makes waste, he suggested writing something first whatever comes to mind, write daily even a half-page you never know it can become a book one day. He said, ” Shine your words, write what your immediate audience wants, put a writing in a position to present in front of publishers then find one”.
The author also indicated on the past year and how he coped (and is still coping) amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, and how his writing and reading schedules have been affected. There was also talk about the publishing world going forward post-pandemic, for which Sabarna was very hopeful. He said, “Readers and writers have to evolve with the changing panorama.
Sabarna Roy also talked about Bengali literature, he said ” Bengal has a rich history of literature, he was introduced to it with the work of Rabindranath Tagore, Rajaram Mohan Roy, Girish Ghosh, and Rabi Thakur. As he said he stopped reading Bengali literature in 2005, he is more engaged in American, European, and Japanese literature since then.

He hinted toward his new upcoming work which is an intriguing romantic book, the major work will be completed by September,21.
The author also talked about the current scenario of engineers moving abroad.
He said ” our youth is restless but talented. They can do a transcendent job if they are given opportunities, but there is no employment, a big chunk of people is leaving.
In his concluding words, he stated his interest in a proper book launch rather than personal branding. He suggested books like Dakghar by Rabindranath Tagore and Charles Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities to readers.
Anubhav Mukherjee quoted, “Roy’s works display his opinions and viewpoints on the world order and Postmodern literature.
The literary team of The Kolkata buzz wishes him the best in his writing journey”.

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