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“Poonam Chatterjee’s new book – ‘Dear Wife … you are fired’ probes into the complex intricacies of marriage, love and habit”

Poonam Chatterjee’s second novel, Dear Wife is about to be published and distributed by Power Publishers and Motion Pictures soon in August.

After her first collection of short stories, I Will See You on the Other Side of the Stars, the author has yet again managed to capture the complicacies of the human psyche – the intertwined emotions of love and jealousy mixed in with the benevolent thought of leaving behind a meaningful relationship to remember one by – in her new book, Dear Wife.

The story starts in medias res of a relationship which has long since left behind its trembling, giddy ‘happily ever after’ youthfulness and is bang in its mid-life crises situation. More often than not, at this stage, the affections and emotions of agile love that used to be clear on the surface once upon a time, lies buried beneath years and years of practical, real-life struggles, wrapped in thick layers of apathy and exasperation. And yet, all the earlier emotions are still there, somewhere, waiting to spring back onto the surface with just a whiff of distraction around…

Ved and Rusha, college sweethearts of a past era, now husband and wife in a full-fledged worldly life, have almost forgotten what love, tenderness and caring feel like. Duties and responsibilities towards each other remain the prime essence for them. When Rusha finds out she has very little time left to live, she thinks she wants her husband, Ved, to find happiness anew. But is she actually ready to deal with the consequences of her choice? Can she actually bear to see her lifelong partner with someone else, selflessly?

About the Author:

Poonam Chatterjee is a 28-year-old Indian author, pet lover and foodie. From the tender age of 10, Poonam found her calling in the writing world and since then, have been scribbling away her unconventional ideas, sometimes in the last pages of notebooks and sometimes on online blogs. After completing her graduation in Mass Communications and Journalism from Rani Birla Girls’ College, Kolkata, Poonam started taking baby-steps in the world of media through internship programmes with the top names in the industry like Radio One. She works on and off with Power Publishers, where she also started her work in the film industry, dabbling her hands into script-writing and film-directing. Power Publishers launched her debut work I Will See You on the Other Side of the Stars as well. The tale of a Santa and his Moth, in which Poonam had assisted the director Mr. Aneek Chaudhuri has been nominated to be premiered at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. At present, she owns a digital marketing company ‘Bee the Buzz’

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