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The Sudden Rise of the Deadly Virus, making the city heartless again.

Today, three of India’s four megacities – Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata – reported an alarming increase in daily Coronavirus cases. While cases in Delhi and Mumbai increased by 40%, cases in Kolkata doubled in just 24 hours.

On December 31, India had a significant increase in COVID cases, with 16,764 new infections and 220 Covid-related fatalities reported in the previous 24 hours. After 64 days, the daily increase in coronavirus cases surpassed 16,000, bringing the country’s COVID-19 total to 3,48,38,804. According to the data, the number of active cases of infection has increased to 91,361.

The Further Effects due to the sudden rise of the Corona Virus – 

  • As a precaution against Covid, four more clubs in the city have canceled their New Year’s Eve events, so that members, guests, and staff are not exposed to an “enormous gathering.” The decision was made a day before New Year’s Eve, a much-anticipated year-end celebration in the city that attracts large audiences in several bars.
  • Due to night curfews and bans on festivities in many regions, it will be a quiet New Year’s Eve at restaurants and pubs. Depending on the local regulations, cafes and clubs have either canceled or reduced their events.
  • As a precaution against a spike in Covid infections, Kolkata police stated on Thursday that individuals without masks would not be allowed on Park Street in the central business district or other public sites such as the Alipore zoo on December 31 and January 1.

The following precautionary measures have been taken by the Kolkata Police, to maintain the crowd during this pandemic situation, 

  • On Park Street, there will be 20 watchtowers and 15 aid booths with men and women cops to deal with any crime against women.
  • Mobile patrols and quick response teams will be stationed around the city, including in retail malls, markets, near nightclubs, and other high-traffic areas. Several police officers stated that managing thousands of people while ensuring that everyone wears a mask was a difficult task for a small group of officers.

 Further, the immunization program for children aged 15 to 18 years will take place in schools and at the Kolkata Municipal Corporation’s Covid vaccination centers.

-Highlights of the bulletin from NABANNA:Order No-753/XVII-ISS/2M-22/2020 dated 02-01-20221)

All academic activities in schools, colleges and universities shall remain closed. Only administrative activities shall be permitted with 50% of employees at a time.

2)Swimming pools, spas, gyms, beauty parlors, saloons and wellness centers shall remain closed.

3) All entertainment parks, zoos, tourist places shall remain closed

4) Shopping malls and market complexes may function with restricted entry of people by not exceeding 50 % of the capacity at a time and up to 10 PM.

5) Restaurants and bars may operate with 50% of capacity at a time and up to 10 PM.

6) Cinema halls and theatre halls may operate with 50% of seating capacity at a time and up to 10 PM.

7) Local trains shall operate with 50% seating capacity up to 7 PM only😎 Movement of people and vehicles and public gatherings of any kind shall be prohibited between 10 PM to 5 AM. Only essential and emergency services shall be permitted.

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