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Response India rolls out the Second Phase of the ‘Kolkata Loves Niavara’ Campaign

Niavara showcases limited edition luxury condominiums in the heart of Kolkata

Kolkata, 20th June, 2024:Response India, Kolkata’s leading advertising agency launched of the second phase of the ‘Kolkata Loves Niavara’ outdoor campaign, building on the success of both the initial campaign and the project. This new campaign carries the same visually striking imagery that made the first launch such an eye-catching success. Among a sea of real estate campaigns in the city, Niavara’s not only stood out, but was loved by Kolkata.

Niavara, a fusion of two Sanskrit words—‘ni’ meaning intent and ‘vrah’ meaning shelter—embodies the essence of purposeful and beautiful living spaces. The campaign promises to leave everyone love-struck at first sight with its exquisite beauty and thoughtful design.

The ‘Kolkata Loves Niavara’ campaign, conceived and conceptualized by Response India, aims to present the grandeur of the project through stunning visuals. The project redefines residential architecture in India by combining functionality and beauty. In the second phase, Niavara’s unique vision of beauty with symmetry, promises to elevate the living experience of Kolkatans to unprecedented heights.

Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill, known globally for his avant-garde architecture, meticulously crafted each element of Niavara. His work exemplifies a blend of traditional and modern architectural elements, creating spaces that are both timeless and contemporary. The ability to integrate his aesthetic sense into the communications was a reflection of Response India’s commitment to delivering world-class quality and innovative designs.

“We’re thrilled with the way the Niavara campaign turned out. It’s different and maybe that’s what made it work so well and connect with people. Our team has worked tirelessly to put this together and the Niavara campaign is a testament to our commitment to creativity, excellence, and delivering results for our clients. We appreciate Sugam putting their faith in us,” said Rashi Ray, Director, Response India.

The project is poised to become a landmark in modern urban living, setting a new benchmark for residential architecture in India. Overall, Response India stands out in the advertising industry for its commitment to excellence, innovative thinking, and the ability to deliver result-driven campaigns that resonate with audiences and drive business growth.



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