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“Discover Kolkata’s Culinary Gems: Top 10 Snack Havens You Can’t Miss!”

Absolutely, Kolkata is a treasure trove for food enthusiasts, especially when it comes to snacks. From iconic street food stalls to quaint eateries tucked in corners, the city boasts an array of snacks that cater to diverse tastes. Here are the top 10 snack places in Kolkata that promise a delightful culinary journey:

  1. Jhalmuri Wallahs of Shyambazar: This bustling area is renowned for its jhalmuri, a spicy yet tangy mix of puffed rice, assorted spices, peanuts, and vegetables. The expertise of the street vendors in crafting this snack makes it an absolute must-try.
  2. Telebhaja Shops in North Kolkata: These local shops specialize in telebhaja, a variety of deep-fried snacks like beguni (batter-fried eggplant), phuluri (batter-fried lentil fritters), and chop (croquettes). These crispy treats are perfect for a quick, flavorsome bite.
  3. Gariahat’s Roll Stalls: Gariahat is famous for its diverse range of rolls—kathi rolls, egg rolls, chicken rolls, and more. These rolls are wrapped in flaky parathas and filled with tantalizing fillings, making them a go-to snack for many Kolkatans.
  4. Dacre Street’s Chops and Cutlets: Head to this historic street where you’ll find eateries serving delectable chops (mashed potato cutlets) and cutlets (meat or vegetable patties). These crispy on the outside, soft on the inside snacks are loved by locals and visitors alike.
  5. Bhel Puri at Vivekananda Park: The snack stalls near Vivekananda Park are known for their bhel puri—a mix of puffed rice, chutneys, chopped vegetables, and spices. It’s a burst of flavors and textures in every spoonful.
  6. Kusum Rolls, Park Street: This iconic eatery on Park Street has been serving mouthwatering rolls for decades. Their succulent fillings wrapped in soft parathas make for a fulfilling snack experience.
  7. Momo Stalls in Tibet Market, Chowringhee: A hub for momo lovers, this market offers a variety of steamed or fried dumplings with flavorful fillings, accompanied by spicy sauces that add an extra kick.
  8. Sweets and Snacks at Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy: This century-old sweet shop is famous for its delectable sandesh and snacks like nimki, murki, and more. These savory snacks perfectly balance the sweetness of their traditional sweets.
  9. Flurys on Park Street: Known for its iconic pastries and cakes, Flurys also offers delightful savory snacks like quiches, sandwiches, and patties, perfect for a cozy winter snack.
  10. Mitra Café, Shobhabazar: This legendary coffee house is a haven for those seeking comfort food. Their samosas, sandwiches, and hot beverages are a hit among locals who flock here for a taste of nostalgia.

Kolkata’s snack scene is a blend of rich flavors, cultural heritage, and culinary expertise. Each of these snack places not only offers delicious food but also represents a slice of the city’s vibrant gastronomic culture, inviting you to savor the essence of Kolkata’s culinary delights.



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