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“Discover Kolkata’s Delectable Durga Puja Delights: The Top Chinese Food Hotspots”

Kolkata, often celebrated for its rich Bengali cuisine, is also a city that embraces a wide variety of culinary influences. During the festive season of Durga Puja, the city’s food scene takes a diverse and delectable turn. While Bengali sweets and street food continue to rule the roost, there’s a growing demand for international flavors, particularly Chinese cuisine. For those looking to take a break from traditional fare and explore the oriental delights, here are the best Chinese food places in Kolkata during Durga Puja:

1. Mainland China: Mainland China is a renowned name when it comes to Chinese cuisine in Kolkata. The restaurant offers a diverse menu with an array of dishes from various Chinese regions. Whether you’re in the mood for dim sum, stir-fried noodles, or Szechwan specialties, this place has it all. The elegant ambiance and attentive service make it an excellent choice for a special Durga Puja dinner.

2. Bar-B-Q: Bar-B-Q, located in the heart of Park Street, is a legendary restaurant serving an enticing mix of Chinese, Tibetan, and North Indian dishes. Their Chinese selection, including classics like Manchurian and spring rolls, is a hit among both locals and tourists. During Durga Puja, the place comes alive with decorations and festivity.

3. China Pearl: China Pearl is a hidden gem in Kolkata’s Tangra area, often referred to as the city’s “Chinatown.” This cozy restaurant offers an authentic Chinese experience with a focus on seafood delicacies. If you’re a fan of prawns, crabs, and lobsters, this is the place to indulge in a Chinese seafood feast.

4. Beijing: Beijing is a popular choice for those who prefer the flavors of the Chinese cuisine of the Sichuan region. Their extensive menu includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, and the ambience is comfortable and unpretentious. The variety of options will surely satisfy your cravings during the festive season.

5. Kim Ling: Located in the heart of South Kolkata, Kim Ling is a beloved Chinese restaurant that has been serving delectable dishes for years. Their menu features both popular and lesser-known Chinese delicacies, making it a great place for food enthusiasts to explore a variety of flavors.

6. Golden Joy: For those in the mood for some Chinese takeout or delivery during the hectic Durga Puja festivities, Golden Joy is an excellent option. They offer a diverse range of dishes, from the ubiquitous sweet and sour chicken to more adventurous selections like shredded pork in garlic sauce.

7. Asia Kitchen: Asia Kitchen is known for its pan-Asian offerings, including Chinese cuisine. The restaurant’s chic decor and an extensive menu provide a modern twist to traditional dishes. It’s a great spot for those who want a contemporary dining experience during the festival.

8. Mandarin: If you’re looking for a restaurant that combines Chinese and Indian flavors, Mandarin is the place to be. Located in Salt Lake, it offers a unique fusion experience with dishes that cater to both the local palate and lovers of traditional Chinese cuisine.

9. Kowloon: Kowloon in Park Street is a classic favorite for its range of delectable Chinese dishes. Their generous portions and consistent quality have made them a trusted choice for those who crave authentic Chinese flavors.

10. Beijing Restaurant: Situated in the bustling Esplanade area, Beijing Restaurant offers an assortment of Chinese dishes that are both delicious and reasonably priced. Their quick service and delicious food make it a convenient choice for those on the go during the Durga Puja celebrations.

Kolkata’s culinary landscape during Durga Puja is as diverse as its cultural celebrations. While Bengali cuisine remains at the heart of the festival, the emergence of these Chinese food places adds a delightful twist to the culinary journey. So, whether you’re a fan of traditional Chinese dishes or looking to try something new, these restaurants offer the perfect blend of flavors to complement your Durga Puja experience in the City of Joy.



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