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Posh Cafes in Kolkata – Must visit places

Cafes in Kolkata have evolved into much more than just coffee shops. You can meet up with pals, go on a romantic date, read quietly, or share your workspace. With their shifting themes and unique décor, they have revolutionized Kolkata’s café culture. In terms of cafés, Kolkata has something for everyone. These are some of the top cafes in Kolkata that would leave an indelible impression on anyone who visits them.

Wabi-Sabi: The lovely cafe was founded by four friends who wanted to build a cafe that served ‘natural and local flavors.’ In addition, the cafe is well-known for its super-healthy cuisine, which includes vegan options. Additionally, they feature gluten-free recipes. The stunning decor, in addition to the delicious food, contributes to the cafe’s overall popularity. To give the cafe a more refined appeal, they have many seashells and artistic artwork gracing the walls. Beautiful lights and lamps dangle from the ceiling, adding to the atmosphere and charm. It is located at Part Street Area and the cost for two is approximately around 800 rupees.

The Country House: With its ultra-cute furnishings, pleasant atmosphere, and welcoming rural vibe, the Country House is regarded as the best dating spot in town. The Country House began with an entirely vegetarian menu but has recently switched to a non-vegetarian one. With the classic English decor, you may sample a variety of tasty European finger foods and snacks. It boasts large French windows that let plenty of light in and assist to brighten the space. You can also taste their all-day breakfast, smoothies, and desserts here. It is located near Forum Mall and its signature dishes include waffles, sizzlers, and mushroom and cheese crepes.

Roastery Coffee House: Roastery Coffee House, with its entryway lined with trees and potted plants, has recently emerged as the town’s new date spot. The cafe, which has a lovely and out-of-this-world decor and atmosphere, is also well-known among coffee connoisseurs for its mouthwatering coffee and ultra-chic attitude. The cafe is divided into two sections: the interior has a regal air and a vintage look, while the exterior exudes refinement and glitz. It has been tastefully decorated in mustard yellow with pearly white furniture. There is also savory cuisine to try, in addition to the pleasant aesthetics and great coffee.

Some of the most charming cafes in Kolkata’s Victorian city are nestled among the city’s alleys and byways, serving delectable meals. The city’s twisting streets hide numerous hidden jewels, from the charming to the themed to those recognized just for their food.

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