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“Savor the Flavors of Bengal: Kolkata’s Top Bengali Restaurants Host Exquisite Hilsa Festivals!”

Delightful Festivities: Top Bengali Restaurants in Kolkata Host Hilsa Festivals

Kolkata, the gastronomic capital of India, holds a special place in the hearts of food enthusiasts for its rich culinary heritage. And when it comes to Bengali cuisine, one dish that reigns supreme is the beloved “Hilsa” or “Ilish.” As monsoon showers embrace the city, Kolkata’s top Bengali restaurants come alive with the aroma of delectable Hilsa delicacies. Celebrating this much-loved fish, these eateries host Hilsa Festivals, attracting locals and visitors alike for a tantalizing seafood experience like no other. In this article, we delve into the culinary extravaganzas of Kolkata’s finest Bengali restaurants as they pay homage to the mighty Hilsa.

  1. Oh! Calcutta: Known for its authentic Bengali cuisine, Oh! Calcutta is a culinary institution in the city. When the monsoon season arrives, Oh! Calcutta embraces the Hilsa Festival with great enthusiasm. From the traditional Hilsa Bhapa (steamed Hilsa) to Bhaja (fried Hilsa), and even the iconic Shorshe Ilish (Hilsa cooked in mustard sauce), their diverse Hilsa menu leaves patrons spoilt for choice.
  2. 6 Ballygunge Place: A name synonymous with Bengali gastronomy, 6 Ballygunge Place takes immense pride in celebrating the Hilsa Festival. With their innovative take on traditional Hilsa recipes, they serve delights like Hilsa Paturi (marinated Hilsa cooked in banana leaf) and the mouthwatering Daab Chingri Ilish (Hilsa cooked with prawns in tender coconut). The festival is a treat for seafood enthusiasts seeking a gourmet experience.
  3. Bhojohori Manna: Bhojohori Manna, known for its nostalgic Bengali fare, showcases the flavors of Hilsa during the festival. Offering dishes like Bhapa Ilish Paturi (steamed Hilsa cooked with mustard and spices) and Ilish Bhaja (fried Hilsa), this restaurant takes patrons on a journey through the culinary traditions of Bengal.
  4. Koshe Kosha: During the Hilsa Festival, Koshe Kosha transforms into a paradise for Hilsa lovers. Their menu features a delightful variety of Hilsa preparations, from traditional Shorshe Ilish to the innovative Ilish Biriyani, where succulent pieces of Hilsa are layered with fragrant Basmati rice and aromatic spices.
  5. Aaheli – The Peerless Inn: Aaheli at The Peerless Inn embraces the spirit of Bengali cuisine and offers an exquisite Hilsa spread during the festival. Patrons can relish dishes like Bhapa Ilish, Ilish Biryani, and Ilish Pulao, each meticulously crafted to showcase the unique flavors of this prized fish.
  6. Kewpie’s: Kewpie’s, a cozy eatery steeped in Bengali traditions, hosts a delightful Hilsa Festival every year. Their menu features classics like Ilish Bhapa and Ilish Bhaja, along with lesser-known regional delicacies that provide a taste of Bengal’s diverse culinary heritage.

Conclusion: The Hilsa Festival in Kolkata is a celebration of Bengali culinary artistry and the city’s profound love for its cultural heritage. As the monsoon rains grace the city, top Bengali restaurants embrace the occasion with open arms, serving a delectable array of Hilsa dishes that enchant the senses and warm the heart. Each restaurant adds its unique touch to traditional recipes, creating a gastronomic extravaganza that leaves patrons craving for more. For those seeking an unforgettable seafood experience immersed in Bengal’s cultural tapestry, these Hilsa Festivals are an absolute must-visit.



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