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“Unveiling Kolkata’s Breakfast Secrets: 10 Hidden Street Eateries for a Morning Feast”

Kolkata, a city that thrives on its rich culinary heritage, has an array of hidden gems when it comes to breakfast spots. Beyond the mainstream eateries, the narrow lanes and bustling streets hide a treasure trove of flavors waiting to be explored. Join us on a gastronomic journey as we uncover 10 hidden street breakfast places in Kolkata that promise to tantalize your taste buds and kickstart your day with a burst of local flavors.

  1. Koley’s – The Morning Haunt: Nestled in the heart of Shyambazar, Koley’s is a breakfast haven that comes to life in the early hours. Famous for its kochuri and aloor torkari (stuffed bread with potato curry), this unassuming eatery is a favorite among locals seeking a hearty and flavorsome start to their day.
  2. Putiram Sweets – Sweet Beginnings: While Putiram Sweets is renowned for its delectable sandesh and mishti doi, few know about their exceptional breakfast offerings. Dive into their chholar dal puri or radhaballavi to experience the perfect blend of sweetness and spice, setting the tone for a delightful day ahead.
  3. Balwant Singh’s Eating House: Situated in Esplanade, Balwant Singh’s is a historic breakfast joint known for its delectable aloo puri and masala chai. Frequented by locals and office-goers, this hidden gem serves up a hearty breakfast that captures the essence of Kolkata’s street food culture.
  4. Russel Punjabi Dhaba: For those craving a taste of Punjabi flavors in the morning, Russel Punjabi Dhaba in Park Street is the go-to spot. Indulge in their sumptuous parathas paired with spicy pickles and yogurt, creating a breakfast experience that combines warmth and robust flavors.
  5. Gupta Brothers – The Kathi Roll Pioneer: While Kolkata is famous for its kathi rolls, Gupta Brothers in Bhawanipore is a lesser-known spot that excels in this iconic street food. Grab a roll stuffed with succulent meats and flavorful spices, offering a quick and satisfying breakfast on the go.
  6. Indian Coffee House – A Vintage Affair: The Indian Coffee House, with its vintage charm, is a cultural landmark in College Street. Beyond its famous coffee, the breakfast menu boasts dishes like masala omelette and buttered toast, creating a nostalgic culinary experience in the heart of intellectual Kolkata.
  7. Cabin – The Oldest Breakfast Hub: Cabin, established in 1929, is one of Kolkata’s oldest eateries and a hidden gem for breakfast enthusiasts. Located near Esplanade, it serves a classic breakfast spread including mutton sandwiches and tea, providing a taste of the city’s history along with your morning meal.
  8. Maharani – Royal Breakfast Affair: Tucked away in Sova Bazar, Maharani is a haven for those who appreciate a regal breakfast. Indulge in their luchi with chholar dal or kosha mangsho, immersing yourself in the flavors that once graced the kitchens of royal households.
  9. Allen’s Kitchen – Anglo-Indian Delights: For a taste of the city’s Anglo-Indian culinary heritage, head to Allen’s Kitchen in Park Street. Their breakfast menu features classics like kedgeree and bacon rolls, providing a unique and delicious start to your day.
  10. Mitron – Fusion Breakfast Extravaganza: Mitron, located in Salt Lake, brings a modern twist to traditional breakfast fare. Explore their innovative menu featuring dishes like egg bhurji tacos and masala chai pancakes, showcasing the city’s evolving culinary landscape.

Conclusion: Kolkata’s street food scene is a tapestry of diverse flavors, and these 10 hidden street breakfast places add vibrant threads to the weave. Venture beyond the familiar and explore these culinary treasures, where each bite tells a story of the city’s rich heritage and the passion that goes into creating the perfect morning meal. Embark on a breakfast adventure and let the hidden gems of Kolkata’s streets awaken your senses to the magic of morning flavors.



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