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Panajpur Express published by Leadstart – A Power Packed Book with Amazing Twists that Keeps you at Edge

Prem L. Nain’s novel Panajpur Express, published by Leadstart is set up in the British era and tells the tale of a young attorney, Paresh Rastogi. In 1935, while India was still governed by the British, practicing law for an Indian wasn’t allowed, he decided to establish his legal business in Panajpur, a peaceful rural community. Little did he know, he had embarked on a tough journey wherein he had to overcome many obstacles that pops up every minute.

The plot of the narrative is brilliantly crafted, full of surprising twists and subtleties that keep the readers on the edge, the entire time. The portrayal of the characters is brilliant, making them feel real and believable. Amidst the town’s corrupt and power-hungry authorities, Paresh is on  a voyage to find a righteous path and has to  make ethically difficult choices. The dilemma that he faces is portrayed immaculately and makes the story more intriguing. The backdrop, which occurs while India was still under British rule and white judges and lawyers dominated the legal profession, lends another level of intricacy to the drama.

 The book conveys a strong message about the value of sticking up for what is right despite fierce resistance. This book’s appeal stems from the moral quandaries and fascinating personalities that it presents. Paresh finds himself caught up in a labyrinth of detours and turns as he takes on cases that appear to be straightforward, forcing him to reexamine his own principles. The distinction between right and wrong becomes more hazy, and Paresh must decide whether to stand up for justice or submit to the corrupt and power-hungry residents of Panajpur. The court room dramas are vivid and make this book even more interesting .

The biggest take away from this book is, it somehow reminds us yet again to not hesitate when it comes to chasing the truth, always staying honest to yourself and to your heart.

Nain’s writing is both explanatory and appealing, effortlessly transporting readers to the vividly portrayed world of Panajpur. The author skillfully captures the animosity and challenges faced by Paresh, immersing readers in a gripping narrative that keeps them on the edge of their seats. The novel “Panajpur Express” explores issues of integrity, morality, and the underlying fight between doing what is right and giving in to social pressures. It is thought-provoking and emotionally powerful. Prem L. Nain has written a gripping story that captivates readers from start to finish and causes them to ponder their own values long after the last page has been turned. Prem L. Nain was born in Pakistan. He lost his father at the age of nine.  His eldest brother, Jethanand L. Nain, 20 years his senior, brought him up as his son. Having been inspired by J.L. Nain who was a barrister at law,  completed his LLB from Government Law College, Bombay, and went on to become a leading advocate and senior counsel at the Bombay High Court. Though a spiritual being he loved narrating children’s stories and his witty remarks and amicable nature made him extremely popular with children of all ages. He had a philanthropic trait which he kept away from his family. His passion for writing was discovered after his demise. Panajpur Express is a collection of his writings, penned during his long legal career. It is being published posthumously by his children Bina Khiani and Madan Nain, as a tribute to their father.



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