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Sundara Kaanda published by Leadstart : A Sensational Tale of an Ordinary Man who Lived an Extraordinary Life

The book ‘Sundara Kaanda: The Unsung Leaps of a Common Man’ by Ikshvaku, published by Leadstart narrates a bewitching story of a man named Baabi who, regardless of accosting various difficulties in his life, never loses trust and keeps on jumping forward with his fortitude and versatility. Born in a modest village of Vakalakka, paving his way to Hyderabad amidst hardships and then to the city of dreams, Mumbai. The loss of 15 rupees completely turned his life around at the age of thirteen. It forced him to leave his complacent life and travel to Hyderabad in search of work. Despite all the obstacles he faced, he grew intellectually.

The book draws matches between the excursion of Baabi and the awe-inspiring story of the revered God, Hanuman from the Ramayana, making it an incredible read. The author has cleverly, through his words, crafted a heart touching story smeared with struggles, betrayal, hope and success. The protagonist of the book, Baabi, a quintessential tough guy with his indomitable spirit keeps you glued to the book. The creator’s understanding of the story, his swift writing style, carrying winding turns and hair clip twists while mixing it with his special style and voice makes it an awe inspiring read. Readers from all backgrounds can relate to Sundara Kaanda because it’s built on camaraderie, love, deception, and the resilience of humanity, among other premises. All in all, we must make that significant leap, regardless of the circumstances, just like Baabi. This is an extraordinary book that is definitely worth your time. The characters are paramount, the plot is intriguing, and the composing is phenomenal.  The novel also contains a wealth of historical and cultural information, which enhances the plot significantly. Strongly suggested for anybody searching for an incredible book to pursue.

Ikshvaku, author of the book, “Sundara Kaanda: The Unsung Leaps of a Common Man” had a knack of playing with words and innovative ideas for a long time. He graduated tenth grade in 2018 and authored Sunder Kaanda as his first official book. He draws inspiration from epic books, The Ramayana and The Mahabharata. This particular book gets inspiration from the life of Ikshvaku’s grandfather, Dokka Somanadha Sastry, who used to narrate his life’s amusing anecdotes with him. These unreserved talks between grandson and grandfather laid the foundation of this book. Ikshvaku’s writings are clear, concise, and descriptive, and he has a knack for creating vivid and memorable characters.



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