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The Hunter Genesis: A Tale of Indomitable Courage

Author: Jasveer Singh Dangi

The Hunter Genesis is a riveting story of invincible valour, zeal and courage . A fantastic story which takes you down to magical lands, talks about weapons with special powers and is a tell tale filled with fantasy and heroism. The writer has beautifully created a story that relishes your taste buds for a good read. Nasir-ud-Din Muḥammad Shah, a weak Mughal king, discovers the whereabouts of powerful weapons that were part of the worst battle that has ever happened in the history of mankind . The power hungry ruler is ready to go to any lengths to acquire them. He hatches a vicious plan to capture those weapon of mass destruction and knows the only person who could help him to acquire them is THE HUNTER.
The man with impeccable skills, courage, The Hunter, is a finder of rare antiquities. A man of indomitable courage, owning powers that makes him invincible, Hunter, mysteriously remembers nothing of his past. Everything changes one fine day, when he is forced to embark on Kanika Dwar, to retrieve the weapons desired by Shah. Taking you across the difficult mountainous terrains, impenetrable jungles, dangerous bandits, life threatening moments, the book explores the journey of one man fighting against all the odds. With remarkable genius, superior agility and strong determination, he fights every battle thrown at him and comes out victorious. The narrative is engrossing, riveting and the lucid flow and rich expressions used in the book makes it an absolute page turner. The plot is exciting, exhilarating that will keep the readers on the edge.
Jasveer Singh Dangi is an author, podcast host, behavioural trainer, and award-winning health and safety professional based in Canada. He started his journey as a writer in 2018, penning his childhood memoir, Version One and a Half . He has proudly published a total of eight books and has co-authored two. In his writing career, he has received numerous accolades for his writing. He humbly calls himself an accidental author and his books are well-received. The Literature Light has recognized him as one of the top 100 debut authors for his debut book Version One and a Half in year 2019. He was named, the ‘Author of the Fest’ at the Writing Wizards page-turner for his book, ‘Double One Zero (110) – Out of the Shaws’.

Jasveer Singh loves outdoors. He is a big movie buff, evident in his writings as he frequently uses quotes and songs from movies at strategic places in all his books. A keen observer of his surroundings, he uses characters, moments from day to day situations for his stories. He shares his thoughts on various writing platforms like, storymirror, medium, merrative, theceylonvoice.comand.
He shares his writings through social media platforms too, like Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #jasveersinghdangi. He is a podcast host wherein he interviews authors and other professionals at his website www.jasveersinghdangi.com.



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