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Commencement of Metro pillar construction scheduled at Chingrighata

Calcutta police have made a decision to hand over the Chingrighata intersection on EM Bypass to Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL) in the next day or two. This is to facilitate the construction of a Metro pillar in the middle of the crossing. The police have set a deadline of 45 days for completing the work.

The construction of “Pillar number 318” is crucial for supporting the viaduct of the New Garia-Airport Metro link, which curves from Chingrighata towards Salt Lake. RVNL is responsible for implementing the project.

Over the past few years, the construction of the pillar has faced obstacles as both the police and the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA), which now maintains EM Bypass, expressed concerns about managing the traffic disruption on this busy corridor.

To assess the impact on traffic flow, the police conducted a traffic trial from Saturday to Monday. Based on the results, senior police officers concluded that the trial was satisfactory, except for a few challenges.

An officer stated that they plan to hand over the Chingrighata site to RVNL in the next day or two, enabling the commencement of pillar construction.

During most of Monday, traffic on the two flanks of EM Bypass at the Chingrighata crossing proceeded smoothly. However, during the evening rush hour, vehicles traveling from Salt Lake towards EM Bypass experienced delays as the police temporarily restricted the free left turn towards Science City.

The construction of the Metro pillar will involve blocking a section of the Chingrighata intersection, specifically 8 meters on either side of the median divider on EM Bypass.

The police have devised several measures to address potential congestion, including:

  • Ensuring that vehicles from Salt Lake Bypass do not merge with those on EM Bypass.
  • Removing a pedestrian refuge island created using guard rails for individuals crossing over from Sukanta Nagar and directing pedestrians to use the foot over-bridge instead.
  • Opening up the additional road space, obtained by removing the pedestrian refuge island, to vehicles traveling towards Science City along EM Bypass.


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