Reels: Rules & Regulations

Before your content is published, it needs to go through an approval process where we will conduct a basic quality check. Therefore, kindly send us your content for review before it goes live.

Here are some Basic rules & regulations for collab:

Creator Must Follow The Kolkata Buzz on Instagram and use our hashtag #thekolkatabuzz

-This program is Only for Creators.

-Logo/Branding Inside the Video is Not allowed.

-Currently accepting Bengal-related content only.

-Creators with (Kolkata) on Username -Not allowed.

-Repost/Copied content is not allowed, accepting originals only.

-No political content is allowed.

-Avoid shaky videos.

-Branded Content is not allowed (contact Admin for Promotions).

-We will give you a time slot for posting since we have a lot of content lined up.

-To increase your chances of being selected for collaborations, we encourage you to stay connected with our page and engage with all our posts. Additionally, we value creators who collaborate with us exclusively and will prioritize them for future collaborations.

Be patient and allow us time, We receive 5000+ DMs every day.

For brand promotions, please call us at 9088241439 📞 

-The Kolkata Buzz team

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