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“Exploring the Divine Splendor: Top 10 Kali Pujas of Naihati”

Kali Puja, also known as Shyama Puja, is a significant Hindu festival celebrated with great fervor in West Bengal. In Naihati, a charming town situated on the banks of the Hooghly River, Kali Puja holds a special place in the hearts of its residents. The town is renowned for its grand and elaborate Kali Puja celebrations, with various clubs and associations coming together to create stunning artworks and intricate decorations. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top 10 Kali Pujas of Naihati that showcase the town’s devotion and creativity.

  1. Naihati Prayas:

Naihati Prayas, one of the oldest clubs in Naihati, is known for its stunning Kali Puja pandals and artistic decorations. Their theme-based pandals often reflect social issues and cultural heritage, making it a must-visit for art and culture enthusiasts.

  1. Jagaran Club:

Jagaran Club’s Kali Puja pandal is a sight to behold. With intricate artwork and thematic displays, they consistently win the hearts of the local residents and tourists. Their devotion to Goddess Kali and attention to detail in their decorations are truly remarkable.

  1. Naihati Youth Association:

Naihati Youth Association is renowned for its grand Kali Puja celebrations. Their pandals often feature innovative and creative designs that leave visitors in awe. They frequently focus on historical and mythological themes, adding a touch of educational value to the festivities.

  1. Vivekananda Sangha:

Vivekananda Sangha is known for its unique approach to Kali Puja. They often incorporate modern and abstract designs into their pandals, creating a fusion of tradition and innovation. Their artistic presentations attract a diverse crowd.

  1. Naihati Cultural Association:

Naihati Cultural Association’s Kali Puja pandals are known for their sheer size and grandeur. They often focus on intricate detailing and ornate designs, making their celebrations a visual delight.

  1. Naihati Natun Sangha:

Naihati Natun Sangha is celebrated for its devotion and community involvement. Their pandals are often built by the local artisans and showcase the traditional craftsmanship of the region, preserving the rich cultural heritage of Naihati.

  1. Naihati Satabdi Sangha:

Naihati Satabdi Sangha’s Kali Puja is a blend of creativity and tradition. Their pandals frequently feature large, intricate idols of Goddess Kali and are known for their grand celebrations and artistry.

  1. Jagaran Sangha:

Jagaran Sangha is famous for its thematic Kali Puja pandals that convey social messages. They focus on important issues like women’s empowerment, environmental conservation, and cultural heritage, providing a unique and thought-provoking experience.

  1. Sanghati Club:

Sanghati Club’s Kali Puja is marked by its vibrant and artistic pandals. They often incorporate innovative lighting and visual effects to create a mesmerizing atmosphere for visitors.

  1. Naihati Utsav Committee:

Naihati Utsav Committee is celebrated for its community involvement and inclusive Kali Puja celebrations. Their pandals are known for their traditional aesthetics and spiritual ambience.


Naihati’s Kali Puja celebrations are not just a religious event but a testament to the town’s rich cultural heritage and artistic prowess. These top 10 Kali Pujas in Naihati showcase the devotion, creativity, and community spirit of the people, making the festival a unique and enchanting experience for all who visit. If you ever have the chance to be in Naihati during Kali Puja, don’t miss the opportunity to witness the grandeur and artistic excellence on display.



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