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“North Kolkata Durga Puja Pandals: Names that Echo Tradition and Community Spirit”

Kolkata, the city of joy, is synonymous with grandeur, culture, and the unparalleled fervor of Durga Puja. While South Kolkata dazzles with its creative pandals and artistic decorations, North Kolkata is no less in its celebration of this iconic festival. In this article, we will take you on a journey through the enchanting world of North Kolkata’s Durga Puja pandals, highlighting their distinctive names that evoke tradition, heritage, and a deep sense of community.

  1. Kumartuli Park:Located in the heart of Kumartuli, the famed neighborhood of artisans and sculptors, Kumartuli Park Pujo pandal pays homage to its rich artistic heritage. The name itself is a tribute to the locality’s connection to idol-making.
  2. Ahiritola Sarbojonin Durgotsav:Ahiritola, situated along the Hooghly riverbank, boasts a rich history dating back to the 18th century. The name “Sarbojonin” emphasizes the inclusive nature of the festival, inviting everyone to be a part of the celebrations.
  3. Sovabazar Rajbari:Sovabazar Rajbari, or Sovabazar Palace, is one of the city’s oldest and most prestigious Durga Puja celebrations. The name resonates with the regal splendor and historical significance of the venue.
  4. Kumartuli Park Sarbojanin Durgotsav:Much like Kumartuli Park, this pandal’s name emphasizes the neighborhood’s association with idol-making. It embodies the spirit of inclusivity and community celebration.
  5. Bagbazar Sarbojonin Durgotsav:Bagbazar, one of the most iconic localities in North Kolkata, hosts this puja with a name that reflects its commitment to a community-wide celebration. It’s renowned for its grandeur and cultural programs.
  6. Simla Byayam Samity:The name “Simla Byayam Samity” reflects the pandal’s dedication to promoting physical fitness and well-being. This unique theme sets it apart from the traditional ones.
  7. Telengabagan Sarbojonin Durgotsav:Telengabagan’s puja is celebrated with great zeal and the name “Sarbojonin” underscores the all-encompassing spirit of the festival.
  8. Dum Dum Park Tarun Sangha:Dum Dum Park Tarun Sangha, located in the northern suburbs of Kolkata, is known for its youthful energy and enthusiasm. The name embodies the youthful spirit of the pandal.
  9. Chalta Bagan Lohapatty Sarbojonin Durgotsav:This pandal’s name incorporates the names of two localities, Chalta Bagan and Lohapatty, emphasizing their joint efforts in creating a memorable Puja experience.
  10. Sikdar Bagan Sadharan Durgotsav:Sikdar Bagan’s puja is a testament to tradition and community spirit, as reflected in its name. It has been a source of cultural enrichment for the neighborhood.


North Kolkata’s Durga Puja pandals, with their distinctive names, showcase the city’s rich cultural heritage and deep-rooted traditions. These names not only reflect the essence of the neighborhood but also encapsulate the collective spirit of celebration and inclusivity that defines Kolkata’s Durga Puja. As you explore the pandals in North Kolkata, you’ll not only witness breathtaking artistry but also experience the warmth and hospitality that make this festival an integral part of the city’s identity.



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