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“Top 10 Shopping Destinations in Kolkata for a Spectacular Durga Puja Experience”

Kolkata, the cultural capital of India, comes alive during Durga Puja, one of the grandest and most celebrated festivals in the city. The festival is not just about worship; it’s also a time when the city showcases its rich heritage and vibrant traditions through clothing, accessories, and various items related to the festivities. If you’re planning to do some Durga Puja shopping in Kolkata, here are ten of the best places to explore:

  1. New Market (Hogg Market): New Market is a bustling commercial hub in the heart of Kolkata, offering an extensive range of traditional attire, including sarees, kurta sets, and accessories. This iconic market is a must-visit during the festive season, and it’s famous for its lively atmosphere.
  2. Gariahat Market: Located in South Kolkata, Gariahat Market is another favorite shopping destination for Durga Puja. It’s known for its wide variety of sarees, from traditional Bengal cotton sarees to designer collections. You can also find jewelry, footwear, and other accessories here.
  3. Shyambazar: Shyambazar is renowned for its authentic Bengali attire, especially Benarasi sarees and traditional jewelry. This area preserves the rich cultural heritage of Bengal and provides a unique shopping experience.
  4. Hatibagan Market: Hatibagan, located in North Kolkata, is a bustling market known for its vibrant collection of traditional wear. From handwoven sarees to intricately designed jewelry, you can explore the essence of Bengali culture here.
  5. Dakshinapan Shopping Complex: If you’re looking for a blend of traditional and contemporary fashion, Dakshinapan in South Kolkata is the place to go. It features numerous boutiques and stores offering a variety of ethnic and fusion clothing.
  6. College Street: College Street is famous for its bookstores and intellectual atmosphere, but during Durga Puja, it transforms into a shopping hub for traditional clothing, accessories, and other festive items. It’s an ideal place for budget-friendly shopping.
  7. Kumartuli: Kumartuli, the renowned pottery town of Kolkata, is a unique shopping destination for those looking for clay idols of Goddess Durga and other Puja-related items. It offers a glimpse into the artistry involved in crafting the Puja idols.
  8. Chitpur: This historic locality in North Kolkata is famous for its traditional sarees and ethnic wear. During Durga Puja, Chitpur becomes a hub for shopping, attracting people from all over the city.
  9. Kankurgachi: The Kankurgachi area is known for its wide variety of sarees and clothing boutiques. It’s a lesser-known gem for shopping, making it a less crowded option for those looking for unique finds.
  10. Burrabazar: Situated in the heart of the city, Burrabazar is well-known for its wholesale market. It’s an excellent choice if you’re shopping for Durga Puja on a budget, offering bulk sarees, jewelry, and other accessories.


Kolkata, with its rich cultural heritage, offers a plethora of options for Durga Puja shopping. Whether you’re looking for traditional Bengali attire, contemporary fusion wear, jewelry, or unique items related to the festival, these ten places provide a diverse shopping experience. As you explore the city’s markets and streets, you’ll not only find the perfect outfit for the Puja but also immerse yourself in the vibrant and celebratory spirit that defines Kolkata during Durga Puja.



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