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“Indulge in Luxury: Discover India’s Top 10 Costliest Mango Varieties”

Title: Top 10 Costliest Mango Varieties in India

Introduction: Mangoes are often hailed as the “King of Fruits” in India, and the country is renowned for its wide variety of delicious and succulent mangoes. Among these varieties, some mangoes stand out not only for their exceptional taste but also for their high price tags. In this article, we will explore the top 10 costliest mango varieties in India, known for their exquisite flavors and exclusivity.

  1. Alphonso Mango: Alphonso, also known as “Hapus,” is considered the king of mangoes. It is renowned for its rich aroma, smooth texture, and sweet, buttery taste. Grown primarily in Maharashtra and Gujarat, Alphonso mangoes are highly sought-after and command premium prices in the market.
  2. Kesar Mango: Kesar mangoes are primarily cultivated in Gujarat and are famous for their distinct saffron-like color and a unique blend of sweet and tangy flavors. This variety is cherished for its excellent taste and delightful fragrance, making it one of the costliest mangoes in India.
  3. Banganapalli Mango: Originating from Andhra Pradesh, Banganapalli mangoes are known for their large size, vibrant yellow skin, and sweet, fiberless pulp. These mangoes have a unique flavor profile and are highly favored for their rich taste and juiciness.
  4. Dasheri Mango: Dasheri mangoes, grown in the Malihabad region of Uttar Pradesh, have a unique fiberless pulp and a sweet, aromatic flavor. They are characterized by their elongated shape, bright yellow skin with red blush, and a heavenly aroma. Dasheri mangoes have a dedicated fan base and are considered a prized variety.
  5. Neelam Mango: Neelam mangoes are known for their vibrant yellow skin and excellent sweet and tangy taste. Grown in various parts of India, including Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, Neelam mangoes are sought after for their delightful flavor and juicy texture.
  6. Himsagar Mango: Hailing from West Bengal, Himsagar mangoes are renowned for their pleasant fragrance, rich sweetness, and smooth, fiberless pulp. These mangoes have a distinct flavor and are highly valued for their delectable taste.
  7. Totapuri Mango: Totapuri mangoes, primarily grown in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, have an elongated shape and a distinct beak-like end. They are known for their tangy taste and are extensively used in culinary preparations, including pickles and chutneys. Totapuri mangoes are in high demand due to their versatility.
  8. Malgova Mango: Malgova mangoes, originating from Tamil Nadu, are recognized for their large size, greenish-yellow skin, and exceptional flavor. They have a firm texture, sweet taste, and are often enjoyed by mango lovers across the country.
  9. Langra Mango: Langra mangoes, grown in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, have a unique taste and texture. They are medium-sized mangoes with greenish-yellow skin and a slightly tangy and sweet flavor. Langra mangoes are highly prized for their juicy pulp and distinct aroma.
  10. Ratnagiri Mango: Ratnagiri mangoes, primarily cultivated in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, are known for their excellent taste and exceptional quality. These mangoes have a sweet, juicy pulp and a unique flavor that sets them apart from other varieties. Ratnagiri mangoes are cherished by mango connoisseurs and are considered a premium choice.

Conclusion: The costliest mango varieties in India offer a delightful experience to mango enthusiasts. From the rich and aromatic Alphonso



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