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“Christmas Feasting in Kolkata: Top Restaurants to Savor the Season’s Flavors!”

As the festive season wraps Kolkata in its warm embrace, the city’s culinary landscape comes alive with an array of restaurants offering delectable Christmas spreads. From traditional Bengali flavors to international cuisines, Kolkata has a plethora of dining establishments that promise to elevate your Christmas celebration. Here’s a curated list of top restaurants in Kolkata where you can immerse yourself in a gastronomic delight this holiday season.

1. Oh! Calcutta Celebrating Christmas with a touch of Bengal’s culinary heritage is an experience to savor at Oh! Calcutta. This iconic restaurant showcases a special menu that blends traditional Bengali flavors with festive fervor. Indulge in their Christmas specials like kosha mangsho (slow-cooked mutton), chingri malai curry (prawns in creamy coconut sauce), and delectable sweets like patishapta and nolen gurer ice cream.

2. Peter Cat Known for its iconic Chelo Kebabs, Peter Cat is a must-visit during the holiday season. While it’s renowned for its signature dishes, during Christmas, the restaurant decks up its menu with a fusion of flavors. Enjoy the festive spirit with their special Christmas platters and curated menu featuring an assortment of delectable dishes.

3. The Salt House For a contemporary dining experience infused with Christmas cheer, head to The Salt House. This trendy restaurant offers a festive menu that blends global flavors with seasonal ingredients. From roasted turkey to flavorful pastas, their Christmas offerings promise a gastronomic journey worth savoring.

4. Baan Thai, The Oberoi Grand Indulge in a Thai-inspired Christmas feast at Baan Thai, nestled within the opulent premises of The Oberoi Grand. This restaurant brings the flavors of Thailand to Kolkata with its special Christmas menu that showcases authentic Thai delicacies infused with festive elements.

5. The Hub – Taj Bengal Experience a lavish Christmas brunch at The Hub, Taj Bengal, known for its exquisite spread and elegant ambiance. Their festive buffet features an extensive array of cuisines ranging from traditional Indian to Continental, ensuring there’s something to delight every palate.

6. Aaheli, The Peerless Inn For those seeking an authentic Bengali Christmas feast, Aaheli at The Peerless Inn is the perfect destination. Relish their specially curated menu that celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Bengal with a festive touch, featuring an array of aromatic and flavorful dishes.

7. JW Kitchen – JW Marriott Kolkata JW Kitchen promises a grand Christmas celebration with its lavish buffet spread that includes global cuisines and festive favorites. From live counters to decadent desserts, this restaurant offers an extravagant dining experience for the entire family.

8. 6 Ballygunge Place Embrace the spirit of Christmas with traditional Bengali flavors at 6 Ballygunge Place. Their festive menu features a delectable assortment of dishes, including kosha mangsho, bhetki paturi, and a variety of sweets that capture the essence of a Bengali Christmas.

9. The Legacy Grill – The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata For an elegant and refined Christmas dining experience, The Legacy Grill offers a sophisticated ambiance paired with a special menu featuring an array of gourmet delights and festive treats.

10. Mocambo Conclude your Christmas celebration with a visit to Mocambo, a city favorite known for its vintage charm. While the restaurant is renowned for its continental cuisine, during Christmas, they offer a special menu that infuses seasonal flavors into their classic dishes.

This Christmas, embark on a culinary journey through Kolkata’s vibrant dining scene and indulge in the festive spirit while relishing a diverse array of flavors that these top restaurants have to offer. Whether you prefer traditional Bengali cuisine, international flavors, or fusion fare, Kolkata’s restaurants are ready to make your Christmas celebration memorable with their delectable spreads.



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